Class of 2004

Celebrate Your 10-Year Reunion

Though the classrooms, study sessions, and exams that once filled your days are now just memories, the friendships that formed during those years have remained, strengthened by those youthful challenges and enriched by the wisdom that can only come from experience.

Join your classmates this spring in Chicago to relive big moments, recapture the excitement, and recall treasured memories of those exciting years. There is so much to celebrate and share at your reunion.

Your reunion schedule is: 

Thursday, May 15

6–8 p.m. | All Booth Happy Hour | Rock Bottom | All Alumni
Start the weekend off right with classmates and friends at this all-reunion event that takes you back to Pub Night and TNDC. First-come, first-served event, registration is required.

Friday, May 16

11:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. | Management Conference | Sheraton Hotel and Gleacher Center
Take on new ideas and refresh your perspective as industry leaders and faculty address a wide range of important topics, from emerging markets to private equity to social enterprise.

6 p.m.–Midnight | Alumni Celebration | Museum of Science and Industry
Make new connections and raise a glass to this year’s Distinguished Alumni Award winners at this unforgettable evening of food, drinks, music, and friends.

Saturday, May 17

9–10 a.m. | Reunion Breakfast | Charles M. Harper Center | Reunion Alumni
Enjoy a continental breakfast with fellow reunion alumni. 

10 a.m.–Noon | Reunion Back-to-the-Classroom Sessions | Charles M. Harper Center | Reunion Alumni
Enhance your learning with fantastic faculty sessions. This event is open to reunion alumni only and their spouses.  

Noon | Reunion Homecoming Barbecue | Charles M. Harper Center | Reunion Alumni 
Celebrate a reunion-wide barbecue. Spouses/partners and kids of all ages are welcome.

7 p.m. | Reunion Class Dinner | Epic 112 West Hubbard Street
Toast to the class of 2004. Enjoy dinner and cocktails with your fellow classmates at one of Chicago's favorite hot spots, Epic.

Please see the full event schedule for the most updated information.

Shuttle service will be available between Gleacher Center and Harper Center for Saturday morning and afternoon. Please see the travel page for more information.

Goal: 125
Goal: 160
126 134 47,243

Fundraising Chairs

Andrew Jessen
Lena Jessen

Program Chairs

Kristin (Murphy) Kohn
Amy Paris

Fundraising Committee

Amy Paris
Gary Roll
Kerim Tuna
Ashley Zickefoose

Programming Committee 

Allison Burke
Herk Confer
Jacqueline Dias
Carla Denison-Bickett
Monica Garrido
Rebecca Gerben Mehta
Jeremy Getson
Gaurav Kukreja
Stephanie O’Connor
Andrea Passalacqua
Hinne Temminck
Ravi Viswanathan
Steven Xi
Ashley (Baxter) Zickefoose

First Name Last Name Class Year Program Company
Amy Paris 2004 Full-Time LICKS Pill Free Solutions
Allison Burke 2004 Full-Time Telefonix, Inc.
Eric Bunselmeyer Telefonix, Inc.
Mel Heckman 2004 Evening Sikich
Shelly Heckman Aurora East High School
Gabriel Buteler 2004 Full-Time Scotiabank
Carla Denison-Bickett 2004 Evening The Cara Porgram
Aaron Gillum 2004 Full-Time Caerus Investment Partners
Stevie Clardy NONE
Samantha Pokroy 2004 Full-Time Sanari Capital
Evi Vogl 2004 Executive MBA - Europe Pioneer Investments
Gaurav Kukreja 2004 Full-Time Amstar
Gerardine D'sa 2004 Evening none
Andrea Miller 2004 Full-Time Miller Chicago Real Estate
Kristina Tzaneff-Milakovic 2004 Executive MBA - Europe Boomerang Capital, LLC
Lena Jessen 2004 Full-Time None
Andrew Jessen 2004 Full-Time William Blair and Co.
Glen Anderson 2004 Weekend Rainmaker Securities LLC
Maya Rubalcaba Beam Global
Shay Aba 2004 Full-Time Apax Partners
Sue Warshal 2004 Full-Time Inst. for Contemporary Psychotherapy
Hinne Temminck Tuinstra 2004 Full-Time Booz & Company
Ayse Tanyeri 2004 Full-Time NONE
Heather Fruzzetti 2004 Full-Time A1 Consulting LLC
Kerry Kane 2004 Full-Time reddbug
Brooke Kane NONE
Jonathan Strauss 2004 Full-Time Northwestern
Theresa He Northwestern
Ashley Zickefoose 2004 Full-Time Sleep Experts
Jeff Zickefoose Jones Lang LaSalle
Don Baptiste 2004 Full-Time Bloomberg LP
James Robinson 2004 Full-Time Caerus Investment Partners
Comora Robinson NONE
John Claxton 2004 Full-Time Catalyst Equity Group
Emily Claxton NONE
Thomas Fuller 2004 Full-Time Fuller & Thaler Asset Management
Randall Birks 2004 Full-Time Birinco
Ling Liu 2004 Weekend Quantum Partners LLC
Edward Pyne 2004 Full-Time Point72 Asset Management
Phoebe Conant NONE
Jo Anne Pyne NONE
Tahir Faruqui 2004 Full-Time Shell Trading
Taha Faruqui BP Corp.
Jonas Bordo 2004 Full-Time Bentall Kennedy
Ryan Ostrom 2004 Full-Time Sears Holdings Corporation
Sucharitha Sastry 2004 Full-Time Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Andre Konig 2004 Full-Time BrainTracer
Kristin Kohn 2004 Full-Time NONE
Eric Kohn 2004 Full-Time The Cambridge Group
Farhad Marzban 2004 Weekend Walgreens
Jason Mortimer 2004 Full-Time SunPower
Gary Roll 2004 Evening General Motors
Alexander Sekhniashvili 2004 Full-Time RBC Capital Markets
Bedford Lydon 2004 Full-Time McDonnell Investment Management
Mark Lanyon 2004 Full-Time Morningstar, Inc.
Elaine Dillon-Biggs 2004 Weekend Kraft
Edward Lewis 2004 Full-Time UTIMCO
Renu Mevasse 2004 Full-Time Dr. Fresh
Erik Wallsten Almegard 2004 Full-Time Adobe Capital
Peter Ciecka 2004 Full-Time Jefferies
Monica Garrido 2004 Full-Time Footprint IQ
Brian Brosnan 2004 Full-Time Ivaldi capital
Jamie Kraska Muehlhauser 2004 Full-Time none
Xavier Santos 2004 Full-Time JPMorgan
Bartholomew Sayer 2004 Full-Time Strategy& (Booz & Company)
Borislava Karageorgieva 2004 Evening None
Amarish Mehta 2004 Full-Time Tenor Capital Management, LP
Bridget Hankin 2004 Full-Time Children's National Medical Center
Alyson Anderson 2004 Full-Time Retail Concepts, Inc.
David Lee 2004 Evening MillerCoors
David Prieto 2004 Full-Time Macquarie Capital
Corrie Carrigan 2004 Full-Time Bain and Company
Damon Vaughan 2004 Full-Time AbbVie
Jeffrey Wang 2004 Full-Time Delaware Investments
Jennifer Kaufman 2004 Full-Time None
Jeff Hoffman 2004 Full-Time CVS Caremark
Jesse Hughes 2004 Full-Time HP
Joanne Belanger 2004 Weekend Summit Credit Union
Jonathan Huckaby 2004 Full-Time Hudson Bankers
Juan Pablo Reyes 2004 Full-Time Pendum, Inc.
Matthew Niksch 2004 Full-Time Noble Network of Charter Schools
Nathan Ohler 2004 Full-Time Saputo
Renuka Babu 2004 Full-Time None
Rob Wildeman 2004 Full-Time Tricor Pacific Capital
Ryan Carmichael 2004 Full-Time NONE
Scott Silverman 2004 Full-Time AerServ LLC
Sebastian Sobczak 2004 Full-Time Evacuation Complete LLC
Thomas Stout 2004 Full-Time Merrill Lynch
Tiya Lim 2004 Full-Time Buckingham
Tracey Guice 2004 Full-Time "
Yoshinobu Suzuki 2004 Executive MBA - Asia Credit Suisse
Stephanie O'Connor 2004 Full-Time Chicago Booth
Brian Murphy 2004 Full-Time Fruit of the Loom
Kristin Peters 2004 Full-Time The Walt Disney Company
Caroline Davidson 2004 Full-Time The Carlyle Group
Pierre Courteille 2004 Executive MBA - Asia NONE
Heidi Gillmore 2004 Full-Time N/A
Ryan Gillmore N/A
Blake Shepard 2004 Full-Time Microsoft
Michael Garrow 2004 Full-Time Delta Air Lines
Laurie Garrow Georgia Institute of Technology
Frank Passalacqua KOMATSU
Bill O'Connor 2004 Full-Time Neuberger Berman
Maria Salazar Lukens 2004 Full-Time Digital Realty
Peter Lukens 2004 Full-Time Juniper Networks
Amy Hogan 2004 Full-Time Blue Cross Blue Shield
Kevin Hogan Ernst & Young
Ryan Lynch 2004 Full-Time Diageo
Alexander Shire 2004 Full-Time Atika Capital Management
Anne Shire Northern Trust
Susan Murphy Fruit of the Loom
Tara Kozlowski 2004 Weekend Allstate
Alan Kozlowski AT&T
Stefan Hankin Lincoln Park Strategies
Tej Shah 2004 Full-Time Macquarie Capital
Mandy Talley 2004 Full-Time Eli Lilly
Alexis Kuhn IMS
Lynda Gauthier 2004 Full-Time Royal Bank of Canada
Jorge Saba 2004 Full-Time Credit Suisse
Isami Takenaga 2004 Full-Time AllianceBernstein Japan Ltd
Ran Takenaga None
Frank Biggs Berkshire Hathaway
Dartagnan Brown EMBARC Studio
Kishore Karunakaran 2004 Full-Time FDO Partners
Kathy Schaeffer Kathy Schaeffer and Associates, Inc.
Gary Roll 2004 Evening General Motors
Brooke Draper 2004 Full-Time ConAgra Foods
Porter Draper ConAgra Foods
Rose Han 2004 Full-Time American Express
Beth Prieto NONE
Karen Kirby Gieras 2004 Full-Time Procter & Gamble
Michael Altmin 2004 Full-Time BofA Merrill Lynch
Melanie Silverman NONE
Tony Broglio 2004 Full-Time Insignia Capital
Christian Colucci 2004 Full-Time Baird
Jewell Skillern NONE
Claudia Chocano NONE
Linda Bursic 2004 Full-Time NONE
Chris Carrigan Bain and Company
Laura Greenberg 2004 Evening Verde Associates
Victor Lobashkov 2004 Full-Time Paradigm Investments
Adelina Rosen 2004 Full-Time Grove International Partners
Jonathan Wilkenfeld 2004 Full-Time Potomac River Partners
Clare Cavanaugh 2004 Evening SG Capital
Angela Guido 2004 Full-Time MBA Career Coaches
Herk Confer 2004 Full-Time Optum
Dima Abushaaban 2004 Full-Time Walgreens
Elizabeth Schwartz 2004 Full-Time The Corcoran Group
Taranjit Sabharwal 2004 Full-Time Hollis Park Partners
Lee Kaplan 2004 Executive MBA - North America Lee3 Consultants
Andrea Passalacqua 2004 Full-Time The New York Times Company
Meredith Swartz 2004 Full-Time Meredith Swartz Design
Jim Kopczynski 2004 Full-Time Waypoint
Alberto Gonzalez Saint Geours 2004 Full-Time Wells Fargo
Chad Iverson 2004 Full-Time AAPC
Alyson Ogden 2004 Full-Time Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Cord Frieden 2004 Full-Time AT&T
Rahul Aggarwal 2004 Full-Time Guardian
Gregory Morin 2004 Full-Time Argonne National Laboratory
Giles Jacknain 2004 Full-Time Market Strategy Group, LLC
Jason Arnold 2004 Full-Time Accenture LLP
Jeremy Getson 2004 Full-Time AQR Capital Management, LLC
Herve Jean-Baptiste 2004 Full-Time Empire Today, LLC
Kerim Tuna 2004 Full-Time none
Mauricio Lopes 2004 Executive MBA - Europe MindQuest Educacao S.A.
Nerone De Brito 2004 Full-Time Votorantim
Rajesh Patil 2004 Executive MBA - Asia LiquidHub
Robert Traurig 2004 Full-Time General Dynamics Corporation
Steven Xi 2004 Full-Time Eastlink Capital Partners L.P.
Sujay Dave 2004 Full-Time Cornerstone Research
Tanya Burnell 2004 Full-Time Henry Crown & Company
Todd Babbitz 2004 Full-Time Chicago Public Schools
Paul Gollash 2004 Full-Time Voxy
Erin Blute 2004 Full-Time NONE
Matt Patten 2004 Executive MBA - Asia Cutler Investment Counsel, LLC
Alvaro Cunto 2004 Full-Time Nomura
Jill Nisson 2004 Full-Time Yes To, inc.
Anuj Maniar 2004 Full-Time Deloitte Consulting
April Dorcas-Dunn 2004 Weekend GE Healthcare
John Dunn GE Healthcare
Natalia Araujo NONE
Scott Nagel Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Kevin O'Brien 2004 Evening Accenture
Jonathan Polonsky 2004 Full-Time Compass Lexecon
Anne Yang 2004 Full-Time Nuveen
Akiko Suzuki none
Teddy Pyne NONE
Xavier Haas 2004 Full-Time Fermod
Daniela Acosta Diageo
Simon Santana MDUSD
Joanna Zarach Glean Consulting, Inc.
Tiffany Greenhouse 2004 Full-Time MSCI
Gregory Greenhouse RW Baird
Suresh Ramamurthi 2004 Full-Time Cbw bank
Sherry Iverson AAPC
Ryan Blute 2004 Full-Time PIMCO
Sarah Lynch NONE
Jeremy Oberfeld 2004 Full-Time EY
Tom Hafen 2004 Full-Time Nestle
Maura O'Neill 2004 Full-Time Rahill & Company
Tracy Hafen 2004 Full-Time Weight in Motion
Sandra Martino 2004 Full-Time None
Kevin Hern 2004 Full-Time Eli Lilly and Company
Ajay Jyoti 2004 Full-Time Analysis Group
Wael Abdul Rahman NONE
Mandee Polonsky Compass Lexecon
Roman Zeits 2004 Full-Time Edlighton Holding Limited
Didem Peker Barclays
Elizabeth Blair University of Chicago
William Davidson 2004 Full-Time John Deere
John Bae 2004 Full-Time Credit Suisse
Steven Diehl CIBT
Eric Hart 2004 Full-Time Expedia, Inc.
Kenna Hart Expedia, Inc.
Kirsten Tantay None
Abraham Lymn None
Kanan Joshi 2004 Full-Time NONE
Gina Kopczynski NONE
Andrea Strudeman 2004 Full-Time HFMA
Maria Opdycke 2004 Evening NONE
Ravi Viswanathan 2004 Weekend The Nielsen Company
William Caswell 2004 Full-Time none
Neela Jacques 2004 Full-Time OpenDaylight Project
Genia Jacques none
Mohanad Zahrawi 2003 Evening Diamond Rock Partners