PhD Program

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Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition and Financial Aid

Financial Assistance

All students who are admitted to the PhD Program are automatically considered for financial assistance consisting of a tuition grant, stipend support, and health insurance (basic plan for a single student only). Financial assistance is granted on the basis of the student’s potential for scholarship and creative research. Students may work at part-time jobs and as teaching and research assistants to supplement their income. Such additional income will not reduce the financial assistance award.

Tuition Grants

Full tuition support is available for five years of full-time study, conditional on satisfactory progress in the program.


Students who are offered stipend support with admission to the program will continue to receive stipend support for four years of full-time study, provided they continue to make satisfactory academic progress. In the fifth year, students may apply for fifth-year funding; this is awarded based on their progress in the program. 

Research Assistants (RA) And Teaching Assistants (TA)

The PhD Program imposes no work requirements during the first and second years, so that students can devote all their energies to their studies. During the  third and fourth years in the program, students are guaranteed the opportunity to serve as a teaching assistant.

Financial Aid

The financial aid loan options and application processes are different for students in Scholastic Residence and Advanced Residence. Admitted and current students can contact the Financial Aid office for additional information.

The cost of attendance is an estimate of what it will cost a single student to attend school for nine months. Please note that costs vary depending upon your own individual circumstances. A standard cost of attendance is established for all students receiving financial aid. 

2013-14 Estimated Cost of Attendance for Three Quarters
(Nine Months)

  Scholastic Residence Advanced Residence
Tuition: $52,884 (3 quarters) $26,442 (3 quarters)
Student Life Fee: $993 $993 
Lifetime Credentials Fee: $60 (First year, one time only, charged in Fall)   N/A
Health Insurance (Basic): $3,021 Basic* $3,021 Basic*
Books: $2,100 N/A
Rent / Utilities: $13,500 ($1,500 per month)   $13,500 ($1,500 per month)
Food: $5,400 ($600 per month) $5,400 ($600 per month)
Personal: $3,000  $3,000
Transportation: $1,350  $1350
Total: $82,308 $53,706

*$8,166 Basic Student plus 1 dependent; $12,555 Basic Student plus two or more dependents

Domestic PhD students can borrow a Federal Direct Stafford loan and a Federal Direct GradPlus loan. The Federal Direct Stafford loan maximum amount is $20,500. The tuition grant you receive from the PhD office is part of your financial aid award.  Your loans and tuition grant cannot exceed the cost of attendance.