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Joint Program in Business and Psychology

The Joint Program in Business and Psychology was established in the 2009, and is overseen jointly by the Behavioral Science dissertation area at Chicago Booth and the Department of Psychology in the Division of the Social Sciences. The aim of this program is to connect the large number of social, cognitive, and organizational psychologists at Chicago Booth and within the Department of Psychology.

Students interested in applying to the Joint Program in Business and Psychology through Chicago Booth should apply for admission to the behavioral science dissertation area. Once admitted, students seek a faculty research sponsor in the Department of Psychology. After a faculty sponsor in psychology has been identified, admission to the Joint Program is generally automatic. Entry into the Joint Program normally occurs during the first year of study. Applicants should state their interest in the Joint Program as part of the application process so they can be given advice in making the connection to faculty in the Department of Psychology. 

For details on the specifics on the Joint Program in Business and Psychology as a dissertation area, see General Examination Requirements - By Area in the PhD Program Guidebook (PDF).

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