Full-Time MBA


Phillip Mantyh Class of 2015


Undergraduate school/major: I attended the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and majored in economics.

Concentrations: Strategic management and finance.

Activities: Member of the Rugby Club, Management Consulting Group, Energy Club, and the Warren Buffet Club.

Career plans: I'm recruiting for consulting and business strategy roles.

Why did you choose Chicago Booth? I was especially interested in Chicago Booth because of its outstanding programs, courses, and resources related to international business and consulting that are invaluable in my future career in consulting or general strategy, specifically in the energy sector. I saw that specialized course majors, such as the international business concentration, would equip me with the tools necessary to tackle the international energy issues that are at the heart of many economic, environmental, and political challenges around the globe. Having visited my brother who attended University of Chicago as an undergrad and having grown up in the Midwest, I felt that the school’s ideal location in Chicago, small class sizes, flexible curriculum, and collaborative student body would offer a unique learning atmosphere that I would truly enjoy and thrive in. After visiting the school and speaking with current students, I learned that Booth’s wide range of leadership opportunities outside the classroom and leadership effectiveness and development requirement would broaden my international horizons and leadership skills, and I believed my international knowledge and background (I am both a US and French dual citizen) would add a unique and diverse perspective to the class. 

Use three adjectives to describe your experience at Chicago Booth: Transformative, immersive, and culturally diverse.

What do you consider a "must visit" place or "must do" activity in Chicago? Portillo's or Hot Doug's (experience a real Chicago hot dog).

Ask me about...: Switching from economic consulting to management consulting.

Agnes Gebus Class of 2014


Agnes GebusUndergraduate school/major: I attended Universite d'Auvergne and majored in wealth management.

Prior to Booth: I worked for eight years in wealth management, as a private banker at Societe Generale for two years, and then as a consultant and head of wealth advisory at Aforge Finance for six years in Paris.

Concentrations: Entrepreneurship, finance, and econometrics and statistics.

Activities: Co-chair of the European Business Group, member of the Investment Banking Group, Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Group, Private Equity Group, Adam Smith Group, Wine Club, Milton Friedman Group, and Chicago Asia Pacific Group.

Career plans: I am recruiting for consulting.

Why did you choose Chicago Booth? I chose Booth for the flexible curriculum, the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and because I loved the students and alumni that I met.

Use three adjectives to describe your experience at Chicago Booth: Awesome, intense, and diverse.

What do you consider a "must visit" place of "must do" activity in Chicago? Concerts in Millennium Park in August, the Lyric Opera of Chicago, and the Art Institute of Chicago.

Ask me about...: Moving to the US for the first time, recruiting for investment banking.

Ruben Kogel Class of 2014


Ruben KogelUndergraduate school/major: I attended Ecole Centrale de Paris and majored in engineering.

Prior to Booth: Prior to Booth, I worked for seven years in Silicon Valley in engineering and marketing functions.

Concentrations: Econometrics and statistics and finance.

Activities: I'm a co-chair of Net Impact, and a member of PhotoBooth.

Career plans: I am planning for a career in consulting.

Use three adjectives to describe your experience at Chicago Booth: A learning experience, curious, and an open-minded student body.

Why did you choose Chicago Booth? I chose Booth because its MBA program offered the best combination of rigorous academics, outstanding faculty, outstanding network, and superior recruiting opportunities. As a prospective student, I was especially attracted to the discipline-based and rigorous curriculum. I wanted a program that acknowledged the science foundations of the business disciplines. I felt that Chicago Booth more than any other school embodied this approach. Furthermore, I was extremely impressed by the accessibility, curiosity, and humility of its students and alumni. Finally, a look at the recruiting figures convinced me that the career opportunities would be equal or superior to those of any other program. Taking these factors into account, Chicago Booth was a clear number one for me. And so far, my experience has met or exceeded every bit of my expectations.

What do you consider a "must visit" place of "must do" activity in Chicago? The architecture boat tour, Wicker Park, and Wrigley Field.

Ask me about...: Switching careers from engineering to consulting or relocating to the US (including work authorization issues).

Guillaume Piard Class of 2015


Undergraduate school/major: I attended Imperial College London and have a masters of science in physics.

Concentrations: Strategic management, managerial and organizational behavior, finance, operations management.

Activities: I'm a member of the Management Consulting Group, Energy Group, European Business Group, Public Speaking Group, Strategy Games Club, Wine Club, and Japan Club.

Career plans: I am recruiting for a management consulting summer internship and plan to spend a few years in the sector.

Use three adjectives to describe your experience at Chicago Booth: Emotional (have been waiting for this opportunity for a long time), magnifying (somehow I am more outgoing, more productive, more resilient, and learning more than I ever would have imagined), and humbling (so many smart and diverse students, mind blowing staff, incredible facilities).

Why did you choose Chicago Booth? To leverage Booth's flexible curriculum, filling the gaps in my background, and having the freedom to learn what sparks my interest; to live in the US in a beautiful and culturally rich city, where the Midwestern easy-going charm makes every day a great day to jump out of bed; to challenge myself at one of the business schools in the world with fellow students who, more than being brilliant, are fantastic communicators and make me a better person through lively and enriching exchanges; and for a successful career transition from finance to consulting, with the support of Booth's renowned career services and engaged network of second-year student career coaches.

What do you consider a "must visit" place of "must do" activity in Chicago? Chicago is a big sports city, and fans are very proud of their teams (just in case you hadn't noticed from O'Hare's parking level names). If you're coming from outside the area, dive into great American sports by going to a Blackhawks hockey or Bears football game. Check out Andy's Jazz Club & Restaurant in the Loop area. And, rent a car, and check out the lake shore up north between Evanston and Winnetka.

Ask me about...: Navigating US and French culture differences, recruiting for a job in Paris or London, switching careers from finance to management consulting, and housing and transport options in Chicago to get the best out of your campus and personal lives.