Ryan Rudnitzki

With a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and a specialty in thermodynamics, Ryan Rudnitzki was already enjoying a successful career with General Electric. But over the course of his eight years at GE, Ryan started to see the difference that an MBA could make for his career. “I noticed that there were some projects that took off and others that struggled from the start,” he says. “Without the right product direction at the beginning, it could be really frustrating.” Ryan decided to combine his engineering expertise with the strategic thinking of Chicago Booth to engage with the product planning side of his industry.

But Ryan was looking for more than just a leadership position. He also wanted to the tools to pursue his lifelong passion for energy. “My fascination with energy stems from the fact that it is the backbone of our society,” he explains. “It’s these fundamental, basic things that interest me because they’re how you help the largest number of people.” Upon entering the program, Ryan immediately joined Booth’s Energy Club and became the co-chair. “It’s a great way to make connections with other people in the energy industry and learn more about the whole energy field in general.”

Ryan also took advantage of the Weekend MBA Program’s flexibility to flesh out his knowledge of entrepreneurship. “Whether it’s starting a business in an industry that doesn’t currently exist or coming up with a product or service that’s an improvement on what’s already there, I feel that’s how entrepreneurship blends with my energy interests.”

Ryan goes on to say, “Even though I don’t know exactly what I want to do in the energy industry, I know that I’m basically arming myself with the tools and the knowledge to know that when an opportunity presents itself I will be equipped to address that situation and come up with a solution.”


Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Undergraduate Degree

University of Wisconsin – Mechanical Engineering

Before Booth

GE Energy – Senior Platform Engineer


Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing

Student Groups

Energy Club

Ryan Rudnitzki
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