Liz Kammel

During her commute to the Weekend MBA Program from Indiana, Liz Kammel and several of her male classmates were having a conversation about how they hated shopping and why no one had thought of way to make the experience less painful. From this gripe session, the idea for a business that would define her time at Booth was born.

With a background in math and economics, Liz began to look for a quantitative, data-driven solution to the problem. She was eventually able to develop an algorithm that optimizes men’s apparel fit for premium denim, and the company ZipFit was born.

But, as any entrepreneur will tell you, it takes more than a good idea to make a successful business. Fortunately for Liz, she had all the assets of one of the preeminent business schools in the world at her disposal. First, Liz needed to develop her team, and she relied heavily on the Booth network. Many of the executive positions at ZipFit were filled by Booth students, Booth alumni, or people recommended by Booth faculty.

With the team in place, Liz next went to Chicago Booth’s renowned Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation to get advice on how to grow and evolve the company. The team at Polsky also helped ZipFit prepare for the New Venture Challenge (NVC), the premier start-up program at Booth. During this process, Liz and her team presented the company to a room full of investors who offered honest, unfiltered feedback about the business and their presentation. The team at ZipFit was able to use this feedback to modify their business model and eventually became a finalist in the NVC competition.

Today, ZipFit is a thriving business that is constantly expanding. Looking back, Liz feels that Booth was invaluable in helping her reach the position she finds herself in today. “Without Booth,” she explains, “I never would have started a company. Here I found myself and my passion for entrepreneurship.”


Indianapolis, Indiana

Undergraduate Degree

Emory University – Math, Economics, Italian

Before Booth

Mercer, Competition Analyst
TECT, Head of Business Development

After Booth

ZipFit – Co-Founder and CEO


Entrepreneurship and Strategy

Student Groups

Wine Club, Soccer Club, Graduate Women in Business, Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club

Liz Kammel
Between and after classes, students still make time for fun
Liz Kammel
Liz was able to flesh out her company, ZipFit, with the help of her coursework
Liz Kammel
The Booth network has alumni in every industry – an invaluable resource when starting a business
Liz Kammel
The rigor of a Booth classroom prepares students to be challenged in the professional world