Sidney Ngochi

After a successful internship in 2008, Sidney Ngochi quickly became a valuable contributor at Procter and Gamble in the Fabric Care Package Development group, where he now leads the package development team for Tide Pods. But, as a native of Cameroon, Sidney always thought about returning to Africa and becoming a part of the economic future of the region at some point in this career. When his mentor at Procter and Gamble suggested he look into an MBA, he saw the opportunity to bolster his skills and expertise to become an entrepreneurial force in an emerging market.

Almost immediately, Sidney knew Booth was the right place for him. “One of the best teaching mechanisms at Booth and one of the most tangible aspects we get from this MBA are the frameworks.” The tradition of frameworks at Booth particularly appealed to Sidney as he thought about going back to Africa later in his career. “Though the professors don’t teach cases with the specific problems Africa is facing, the frameworks are rigorous enough and they are so grounded in business fundamentals that I know through my personal experience and experience of the alumni that I’ve met that they will work.”

Sidney was also able to experience the economic and political climate of Africa firsthand when he participated in Booth’s annual Africa Trek. During the winter and spring breaks Booth students have the opportunity to participate in a number of excursions around the world that range from ski trips to Colorado to tours of the European banking industry. When Sidney discovered that the Chicago Africa Business Group was planning a tour of Ghana and Ethiopia, he immediately applied. “It was very eye-opening to see how many Booth alumni were doing business in Africa or were involved in politics. In fact, our host for the Ghana Trek was a Booth alum who was appointed Deputy Minister of Finance while we were there.”

Sidney goes on to say, “We got to meet alumni who were running businesses in Africa from marketing to banking. It was very inspiring and one of the best experiences so far in the program.”


Cincinnati, Ohio

Undergraduate Degree

University of Maryland – Mechanical Engineering

Before Booth

Procter and Gamble – Engineer, Fabric Care Package Development


Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing Management, Strategic Management

Student Groups

Chicago Africa Business Group

Sidney Ngochi
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Sidney Ngochi
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Sidney Ngochi
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Sidney Ngochi
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