Sally Heim

As a consultant who travels frequently, the Weekend MBA Program at Chicago Booth was a natural fit. The components of the Weekend program are virtually identical to those of the Full-Time program, and that was important to me. I have the same professors and the same flexibility in terms of the curriculum and making my class schedules. Also, there’s a highly active student life that’s available to me.

As a person who lives in Chicago, being in the Weekend program has been very interesting. Because a lot of my fellow students in the Weekend program are consultants like me and come from different places in the US, I’ve gotten to meet a good mix of people from around the country. I’ve enjoyed being able to broaden my relationships with people outside of the city of Chicago.

One of the more challenging classes I’ve had so far is Marketing Strategy. I think sometimes people are quick to dismiss the rigor in marketing. They say, “Oh, it’s advertising. It’s fairly easy, or it’s fairly light.” That’s not the case at Booth. Marketing Strategy took some aspect of every single course I had taken to date, and stretched me to think beyond the obvious answer that was in front of me.

It was surprising because most of the classes I had taken before were quantitative. Those classes had a lot of interaction between students and the professors, but this was the first class I had where there weren’t specific yes-or-no answers. Also, the professor challenged people every day. She required us to provide the basis for our responses. We had to be succinct, and she would ask follow-up questions that made us think much harder.


Chicago, IL

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University of Illinois – Economics, Finance

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Thomson Reuters – Director of Infrastructure and Business Process Consulting


Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, General Management, Strategic Management

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Book Club, Consulting Group, Graduate Women in Business

Sally Heim
Sally explains how she is growing as a leader by applying the lessons she learned at Booth