Natasha Ghatak

Because she loved to travel, Natasha Ghatak used her undergraduate degree in finance and economics to pursue a career in the hospitality industry, eventually finding a position with Marriott Hotels. Like many other Booth students, Natasha made the decision to get her MBA to advance in her current field and had no immediate plans to change careers. But once Natasha was at the Gleacher Center and exposed to so many new perspectives, personalities, and ideas, she couldn’t help but consider all of the new possibilities that were opening to her.

In addition to the classroom, Natasha found that simply talking to her fellow students was extremely motivating. “From day one of orientation,” she recalls, “I was very inspired by the contributions my classmates were making through their careers. I listened to what they were doing, what they were excited about, and began feeding off their energy.”

Natasha quickly branched out from her classmates and began reaching out to alumni to learn about their careers and other options. With such a wide and diverse

sample, possibilities that she had never entertained started to open up for her. The issue was further complicated by the enthusiasm each member of the Booth community brought to their industry, making all the options sound attractive. “At first I thought I wanted to do investment banking, changed my mind to consulting, and then I decided I wanted to develop a startup company.”

Natasha turned to the school’s Career Services department for help narrowing the field. “They sat with me, week by week, targeting things that interested me, what my skills were, and what was realistic.” The team also helped Natasha prepare for interviews and put her in touch with alumni from the industries she was exploring.

All of her hard work eventually paid off. Natasha chose consulting and now works at Promontory Financial Group. Looking back, she says, “I just wanted to enjoy what I was doing and find something that challenged me. Every single one of my classmates, as diverse as they were, all motivated me to want to make that jump.”


Chicago, Illinois

Undergraduate Degree

University of Maryland – Economics, Finance

Before Booth

Marriott International – Bench Controller

After Booth

Promontory Financial Group, LLC – Associate


Finance, Entrepreneurship

Student Groups

Student Advisory Council, Student Mentor, Admissions Committee, Graduate Women in Business

Natasha Ghatak
The continuity of the curriculum and faculty across all of Booth’s MBA Programs
Natasha Ghatak
The experiential learning courses give students access to real-world clients and challenges
Natasha Ghatak
Chicago Booth prepares you to ask tough questions and deal with uncertainty
Natasha Ghatak
The flexible curriculum allows students to refocus their classes as their career goals change