Mustaqeem Siddiqui

There are two main reasons I chose Booth. The first is Booth’s reputation for academic rigor. As a physician, I base my decisions on evidence-based medicine, which relies on complex patient research data. Chicago Booth teaches you how to use multiple angles to examine information. Professors teach from a holistic standpoint, which includes disciplines like statistics, behavioral science, psychology, and economics.

The second reason I chose Booth is the flexibility of the program. At Booth, I have the flexibility to work with different groups of people to pursue the courses that interest me most.

In order to take coursework toward the Certificate in Health Administration and Policy, I had to change my status from a Weekend student to an Evening student.

The switch required me to make adjustments to my work schedule, but the actual transition between programs was very easy. Given my background in medicine, the Evening and Weekend MBA Program Office thought the switch was a fantastic idea. They supported me completely and approved my application.

Booth has given me the skills to approach problems differently. When you come through here, you begin to realize that you are more than just a hammer and not every challenge is a nail. You learn to analyze things from different perspectives.

Also, Booth has improved my ability to work in a team. I have evolved in a positive way. The lessons I’ve learned from Booth about teamwork and leadership have taught me to work with colleagues that have different levels of expertise and who can offer different points of view. It’s not all about the individual person in a situation. If I am going to provide the best care to a patient, I must work well in a team.


Rochester, MN

Undergraduate Degree

Aga Khan University Medical College - MBBS, Medicine and Surgery

After Booth

Mayo Clinic - Senior Associate Consultant, Hospital


Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Strategic Management

Student Groups

Booth Consulting Club, Chicago Booth BioPharma, Local Optima, PEVC (Private Equity, Entrepreneurial Ventures, and Venture Capital Club)

Mustaqeem Siddiqui
The Booth MBA is transforming the way Mustaqeem approaches his research and work with cancer patients
Mustaqeem Siddiqui
Booth allowed Mustaqeem to consider business problems from a new perspective