Mark Lanctot

Booth’s flexible curriculum allows you to maintain control over your own destiny. I don’t want to be in a program where everything is scripted and nothing is expected to change. The flexibility of the program is key because it allows students to explore, try new things, and grow.

I am a perfect example of how Booth’s flexible curriculum can transform you in unexpected ways. I came here determined to concentrate my efforts in analytical finance, but I’ve taken courses that have opened my eyes to additional interests in entrepreneurship. I love that the Booth MBA allows me to make choices and to adjust my path if something captures my imagination.

Taking International Corporate Finance with Professor Raghuram Rajan truly opened my mind. This is a thinker who has made a world impact. He was the former chief economist for the International Monetary Fund and is currently an economic advisor to the Prime Minister of India.

Professor Rajan taught me that yes, numbers are important, but they are only a small part of the picture. Culture, management, personalities—all these things matter too, and he has a unique way of bringing everything together in a way so students understand how to think about the context as a whole as opposed to just one part.

In my current role, Booth has given me more confidence. Have I applied academics? Yes, I have. I am learning things here that I can directly transfer from the classroom to my job. Also, I think knowing that I have been able to successfully take part in such a rigorous program has inspired me to take on additional challenges at work.

I think differently. Like my fellow classmates, I’m no longer satisfied with the first answer that presents itself. I question everything, not to simply shoot down an analysis or make someone feel inferior, but rather to ensure I can deliver the best product and know that anybody who sees it will understand that it’s been thoroughly Booth-tested.


Chicago, IL

Undergraduate Degree

University of Illinois – Finance

After Booth

E*Trade Capital Markets – International Equity Market Maker


Analytic Finance, Entrepreneurship

Student Groups

Student Admissions Committee, Student Mentoring Program, Wine Club

Mark Lanctot
Mark describes Booth as a mindset that provides students with a veritable toolbox of innovative problem-solving techniques