Marissa Mann

Marissa Mann was able to parlay her dual degree in communications and Spanish into a career in advertising, but soon found that there were areas crucial to her profession that her liberal arts degree did not cover. “I had never taken an economics class or an accounting class, and when I was working with clients and preparing budgets, I realized I was routinely talking to them on a level where I didn’t feel completely comfortable.”

She chose Booth because of its commitment to the fundamentals of business and its analytical focus. “Especially in marketing,” she says, “you’re finding that there’s so much data available—tons of information being collected—and the people that know how to use that data are really going to stand out.” But Marissa ended up learning much more about her profession than she originally planned, ultimately deciding to completely alter her career trajectory.

Marissa participated in a marketing mentorship at the Kilts Center for Marketing, which plays a key role in promoting the development and recognition of the marketing research conducted at Chicago Booth. As part of the mentorship program, Marissa was paired with a Booth graduate who was already well established in the industry. “I initially thought I wanted to stay in advertising, but my mentor really made me reevaluate why I was in school and what I ultimately wanted to do with these skills when I graduated.” Eventually, Marissa decided she wanted to be on the client side of the business and pursue brand management.

Once she made her decision about her career goals, Marissa turned to the Career Services department to help with the transition. “It had been a long time since I searched for a job, and now I had a number of unique skills that I really wanted to leverage.” She attended a workshop hosted by the Career Services department that introduced her to all of the resources she had at her disposal and eventually decided to participate in the school’s On Campus Recruiting program. “It was a very intense process that required a lot of time,” she recalls, “but ultimately it was a wonderful experience that lead to my current position.”


Chicago, Illinois

Undergraduate Degree

University of Michigan – Communications and Spanish

Before Booth

Remedy – Account Supervisor

After Booth

The Clorox Company — Associate Marketing Manager


Marketing Management, Economics, Managerial and Organizational Behavior

Student Groups

Booth Marketing Club, Graduate Women in Business

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