Katherine Storer

Like many Weekend students, I travel to Chicago Booth from afar. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio, and while the travel makes for a very long day, I’ve organized a carpool of five other Booth students who live in Cincinnati to help. We have great conversations on the way to Chicago and back, and we have gotten to know each other very well. We really have become a family and we treat each other as such.

When I look back on my choice to come to Chicago Booth instead of another MBA program that was closer to me, I know I made the right decision. The things that I’m learning and the connections I’m making have absolutely made it worthwhile.

Chicago Booth classes are very vivacious. The challenge everything philosophy affects everything we do, and I think we consequently leave Booth with a deeper knowledge base. Booth students are anxious to raise their hands—they interact with the professors, and they interact with each other.

We don’t just learn by reading the textbooks and course materials, or even just by listening to a professor’s lecture. At Booth, we learn from each other, and we learn more about ourselves in the process.

One of the huge draws to come here was the flexible program. Other top-tier schools offer cohort-style programs, but Booth is different. As somebody who has an undergrad in business, who already knows accounting, finance, and the basics, I wanted to be able to choose the classes that would allow me to more deeply develop my business knowledge, further hone my strengths, and allow me to test potential new areas of interest.


Cincinnati, Ohio

Undergraduate Degree

Anderson University – International Business Management, Psychology

After Booth

Procter and Gamble – Senior Purchases Manager


Economics, Entrepreneurship, International Business, Managerial and Organizational Behavior, Strategic Management

Student Groups

Book Club, Consulting Group, Graduate Women in Business

Katherine Storer
Booth’s signature challenge everything philosophy and how it develops confidence at work
Katherine Storer
“Expansive and incredibly helpful,” is how Katherine describes the Booth network