Jeffrey Davis II

My two experiential learning courses—Marketing Research and Consumer Behavior—were some of the best classes I’ve taken at Booth. In my Marketing Research class, we did a data-driven marketing project for Watermelon Express, a young company trying to get its business started. We not only learned important marketing research techniques, but also helped a real organization progress forward with a viable strategy.

In Consumer Behavior, we got to work with Lifetime Fitness, which wanted our help with how to market its new line of fitness equipment. What this class taught me was how to build a compelling case for a future client or customer. There are a lot of people who can do data regression and give you the numbers, but what you learn at Booth is how to sell the story and help someone understand what it really means in terms of actionable tasks.

The minute I got to Booth, my passion for marketing had been ignited. One of the first classes I took, Marketing Strategy, sealed the deal. I was sold and ever since then I knew that marketing was going to be one of my concentrations.

Coming from an engineering background, I knew I would be best served by coming to Booth and by understanding the numbers behind marketing. Having a serious quantitative approach to marketing that will help me pull the story out of the data will serve me well as I advance in my organization.


Chicago, IL

Undergraduate Degree

Purdue University – Mechanical Engineering

After Booth

Pfizer, Inc. – Professional Healthcare Sales Representative


Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing Management

Student Groups

African-American MBA Association, Chicago BioPharma Club, Wine Club

Jeffrey Davis II
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Jeffrey Davis II
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Jeffrey Davis II
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