Jamie Eckert

After graduating with a double major in biological anthropology and women’s studies, Jamie Eckert decided she wanted to change directions and pursue a career in finance. With no formal training or education, she broke into the industry the old fashioned way: she stared at the bottom. Jamie began answering phones at a small investment bank in San Francisco, but quickly realized that her potential wasn’t being utilized.

Jamie knew that to move up in the company she would have to take and pass the Series 7 exam, a requirement for anyone seeking a broker’s license. “They essentially laughed at me and said, ‘There’s no way you’re going to pass that. You don’t know finance.’” Jaime had the last laugh when she passed the exam and promptly leveraged the experience into a position on the international sales and trading desk at an investment bank. Despite this success, Jamie could tell she needed help advancing to a management or leadership role and made the decision to attend Chicago Booth.

Unlike many students who enter the Evening MBA Program, Jamie had no intention of changing careers. After all, she had fought so hard to get where she was and wanted to continue to advance in her field. A chance encounter with another student changed her mind.

“Booth exposes you to a variety of people in so many different industries and professors who teach and tell you about industries and jobs you never knew anything about.” One of the professions that Jamie learned about was investment consulting, which played remarkably well to her strengths. The same student helped Jamie get an interview at her company, Mercer, and, as she says, “The rest is history. I got the job and I never thought I would be so happy to come to work.”


Chicago, Illinois

Undergraduate Degree

University of Wisconsin – Biological Anthropology, Women’s Studies

Before Booth

Goldman Sachs – Senior Analyst

After Booth

Mercer Investment Consulting – Associate


Economics, Finance, Managerial and Organizational Behavior

Student Groups

Admissions Committee

Jamie Eckert
A Booth education teaches you to leave no stone unturned when examining a problem from every angle
Jamie Eckert
The experiential learning at LAUNCH and the insights it offers into leadership
Jamie Eckert
The Graduate Women in Business student group connects women who balance career, family, and school
Jamie Eckert
Utilizing the Booth network, Jamie was able to discover a new industry and switch careers