Chris Beck

Career Services does a great job of helping Evening and Weekend students who’ve chosen to switch careers. I’ve already taken advantage of things like resume reviews and formal interview training, and I’ve participated in mock interviews in front of a video camera, where I could play myself back and figure out how I interviewed. I also have the ability to go to all sorts of networking events. Through Career Services, I’ve received all the tools I need to make a transition from being a naval officer to working in the corporate environment.

One of the things that I think Booth is really good at is balancing casework, group work, and individual study. You can really gain strengths from all three, as the school doesn’t focus on one. So if you diversify your classes, you’re going to work in groups enough to understand the team dynamic and you’re also going to spend a lot of time working independently making sure that you can own the numbers and do the analytics yourself.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the vitality of the Evening MBA community. The social and networking aspects that are incredibly important to the MBA experience are things I can take advantage of.

I could fill my dance card every single week with social and professional events that are either Booth-sponsored or just come out of the greater Booth Evening and Weekend community. It’s also incredibly common to socialize after class. We call it networking, but I am having more fun going through this MBA than I ever thought I would.


Chicago, IL

Undergraduate Degree

University of Wisconsin – Political Science

After Booth

United States Navy - Lieutenant


Economics, Finance, Strategic Management

Student Groups

Admissions Committee, Armed Forces Group, Consulting Club

Chris Beck
Chris describes how Booth provides the tools he needs for a successful career in the corporate sector