Boris Kholyavsky

Before he even became a Booth student, Boris Kholyavsky remembers learning a valuable lesson from George Andrews, associate dean of the Evening and Weekend MBA Programs. “I attended an information session and he said to us, ‘If you leave this school without networking, without meeting people, in a way you’ve kind of failed.’” The advice stuck with Boris, and he immediately started exploring ways to make the most out of his MBA experience.

“When I first started school here,” Boris recalls, “I made it a priority to find both social and career-focused clubs and really build my network around that.” Boris started with the mentor program, which pairs incoming Evening and Weekend students with classmates who are deeper into the program to help them acclimate to the Booth environment. After a few successful quarters, Boris became a lead mentor and is currently running the program. He also became a co-chair for the Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club and participated in numerous MBA Charity Cup events.

Even outside of the clubs, Boris found that bonding with his classmates and forging relationships was almost impossible to avoid. Boris recalls that after his very first class a number of Booth students invited him to go the Midway Club, the bar located within the Gleacher Center. “There was never a point in time where we didn’t have something to talk about. It was a natural fit and we just clicked. That synergy with other students was very quick.”

During his search for an internship in investment banking, Boris again turned to Booth network. Using the alumni directory, Boris contacted a number of former Booth students looking for leads or advice. “I would send out 30 to 40 emails a day, and for the majority of them the response would be, ‘Yes, let’s meet up for coffee.’ It was good to know there are alumni out there who care, who will help out no matter how busy they are.”


Chicago, Illinois

Undergraduate Degree

DePaul University – Computer Science and Finance

Before Booth

PEAK6 – Senior Technology Analyst

After Booth

Cofounder, A Little Spa Institute


Entrepreneurship, Finance, Strategic Management

Student Groups

Mentoring Program, Student Advisory Council, Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club, Wine Club

Boris Kholyavsky
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