Bob Gillespie

One of the big selling points of Booth is the faculty. It’s clearly one of the best faculties in the entire world for business—I mean, there are people here who have won MacArthur Foundation “genius grants” and Nobel Prizes. These people are at the top of their game, and when they’re not teaching, they’re publishing research or they’re writing in the Economist or the Wall Street Journal.

There are times when I’ll leave class completely inspired by the professor I just heard. The professors are brilliant, and the students are that way too. I’ll hear someone talking in class and think, “Wow, this person is really on the ball.” There’s an intellectual energy here. I love the time I spend in class. I love it.

The Booth network is fantastic. This is a very deep, helpful community. Through Booth or through somebody that I met through Booth, I’ve made important contacts just about everywhere.

For example, after my company made it to the finals in the New Venture Challenge business competition, one of the judges said, “What you’re doing is really interesting. I know another company that is looking at doing some similar things. I’ve got somebody there you might be interested in talking to.” I didn’t realize the level of the person he was talking about at the time, but it turned out to be the cofounder and CTO of a major company. It was amazing. I never would have gotten that introduction without the Booth connection.”


Chicago, IL

Undergraduate Degree

Knox College – Computer Science, English

After Booth

InContext Solutions – Founder and CEO


Entrepreneurship, Finance, Strategic Management

Bob Gillespie
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Bob Gillespie
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