Alison Alexander

As someone who is looking to explore other options within my company, the flexibility of Booth’s curriculum has been wonderful. It’s made it so easy to take the classes that I’m interested in, and to pursue concentrations I might not have considered given less flexible options. I am able to explore and not worry about having to stay on a certain track or take the classes that aren’t going to put me in the direction I want to go.

Booth professors want you to come up with your most creative answer. They don’t want you to rephrase what you read in the book for class—they really want you think things through. I think the approach at Booth is unique in that you are given specific skills in the classroom setting, but you’re not spoon-fed answers—you’re trained to think about problems in a different way.

I now find myself approaching problems differently than I did before I started the program. I still run into the same challenges every day at work, but I’m much more proactive in the way I handle them. I use the thought process that I’m learning in my classes, and I look for solutions more creatively.

I have just received a promotion from my employer, JPMorgan Chase. They’re excited for me to be here. They recognize that I have certain transferable skills as an accountant, but that Booth is teaching me so much more.

I’ve changed quite a bit since I started my Booth MBA. I have developed the confidence to take initiatives, to offer suggestions, and do things outside of my typical role. This new confidence has changed the way that I approach my job.


Chicago, IL

Undergraduate Degree

The Ohio State University - Business Administration

After Booth

JPMorgan Chase - Vice President, Accounting Manager


Economics, General Management, International Business, Strategic Management

Student Groups

Admissions Committee, Book Club, Student Advisory Council, Wine Club

Alison Alexander
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Alison Alexander
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