Alex Hodgkin

While many students come to Booth to broaden their entrepreneurial knowledge, Alex Hodgkin was already doing quite well on his own. Six years ago, Alex used his extensive experience in investment banking to start his own company in the financial advisory space. “I always wanted an MBA,” Alex says, “but I waited because I didn’t want to accrue too much debt right away and hamper my ability to be an entrepreneur. With my company already established, the Weekend MBA offered a great opportunity to keep building my company while going back to school.”

Once at Booth, Alex found it hard to leave his entrepreneurial instincts back in Colorado. He began looking for new ways to get involved with the school that would benefit the program and his fellow students. Inspired by a project one of his colleagues worked on at Stanford, Alex began to set up and promote a search fund program at Chicago Booth.

Essentially, a search fund is a network of alumni and second-year students that are looking to purchase companies and run them. “It appeals to students who may not traditionally have considered entrepreneurship as viable path for them. Obviously, there’s a lot of risk involved, and a search fund is a way to mitigate that risk.”

As Alex began making preparations to organize the project, he knew he wanted to get the input of one of his professors, Steven Kaplan. “Everybody knows his name who works or is touched by the private equity industry. I approached him and he showed interest in supporting a program of that kind.” With the invaluable resource of Professor Kaplan at his disposal, Alex has already made great strides. “It will be very robust and well established. It’s really galvanizing people and will hopefully be a great contribution to the thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem that is already developing here at Booth.”

A major part of Alex’s search fund preparations involved reaching out to alumni to serve as either investors or advisors to the freshly minted search fund entrepreneurs the program creates. As he canvassed the Booth network he was met with an overwhelmingly positive response. “The people we were calling were founders of private equity firms, partners at elite strategy consulting firms, and C-level executives at large public companies. The reception has been impressive. Astounding actually.”


Denver, Colorado

Undergraduate Degree

Claremont McKenna College – Economics

Before Booth

Intrinsic Valuation – Managing Partner


Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management

Student Groups

Private Equity Club, Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club, Running Club

Alex Hodgkin
The Booth faculty has the freedom to mold their curriculum to rapidly changing global events
Alex Hodgkin
The leadership strategies from Chicago Booth play a key role as Alex grows his company
Alex Hodgkin
When you’re excited about what you’re learning, finding time for school happens naturally
Alex Hodgkin
The network at Chicago Booth only grows stronger after graduation, forming a lifelong community