Adrienne Kiesling

Booth’s focus on the fundamentals has been extremely valuable for me. I didn’t expect to be able to so readily apply concepts from required courses like Financial Accounting in an industry like marketing and digital advertising, but the exposure to that material has enabled me to understand the language of people within the business community. It’s expanding my understanding of the business world.

Additionally, I’ve developed a skill set here. I’ve changed my way of thinking. I have changed my approach to problem solving. Those are skills that will help me regardless of what I choose to do.

The intellectual culture here is extremely exciting. The Booth environment encourages participation in debates, and surrounds me with people who challenge me. There’s a focus on questioning what you’re presented with that’s been extremely beneficial for me, and I’ve been able to implement what I’ve learned at work.

In fact, as a result of my experience here at Booth, I feel much better equipped to interact with executives at the workplace as well as in networking environments. I’m more confident now. I can challenge ideas. I don’t have to take what is said at face value, and that allows me to participate in conversations as opposed to deferential interaction.


Chicago, IL

Undergraduate Degree

Stanford University – International Relations

After Booth

Microsoft – Project Manager, Microsoft Advertising


Economics, General Management, Managerial and Organizational Behavior, Strategic Management

Student Groups

Admissions Committee, Graduate Women in Business

Adrienne Kiesling
Adrienne describes the myriad professional and social networking opportunities available at Booth
Adrienne Kiesling
Soon after starting at Booth, Adrienne found herself developing into a confident, strategic thinker