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While the Partners' Club aims to enhance and accommodate your experiences at Chicago Booth, we hope you'll take the opportunity to explore the city of Chicago as well. To help, we've put together a number of links for transportation, restaurants, nightlife, and family activities, as well as resources to help ease the transition into life as a couple at Chicago booth.

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We are excited to announce Booth Partners' Club now has a Facebook Group. Connect with us to keep tabs on the newest club information and to connect with your fellow classmates and their partners.


Please follow the links below for information on trains into and out of the city, as well as public transportation within the city. Or, if you're looking to move at a more leisurely pace, water taxis along the Chicago River are always a fun alternative.

Water Taxi

Family Activities


Get information on all the restaurants, bars, clubs, and cafés the city has to offer. These sites feature reviews, pricing information, reservation options, and everything else you need to plan out your night.

Student Events Calendar

To find out what's happening on campus, not only with the Partners' Club, but with the 24 other organizations hosted by Chicago Booth students, please follow the link to the Student Events Calendar.

Other Resources

U of C Student Guide to Chicago

Fun Links

ESPN Sports

iVillage Womens' Network

Pinterest Art

Rotten Tomatoes Movie Reviews


Last Updated 3/19/12