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A Sobering Look at The Future of Fuels

Alternative fuels won't kick in for a while and targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions are unrealistic because of growing energy use abroad, experts said at the keynote session. Read more »

Tax Code Requires a Revamp

Panelists at a breakout session on tax policy agreed that the need for increased revenue can be met only if the tax code becomes fairer, more balanced, and easier to administer. Read more »

Understanding How Shoppers Behave

Despite an abundance of information on consumer behavior, it’s a challenge to accurately interpret data to discern what drives purchasing decisions, according to panelists at a breakout session on the use of shopping data. Read more »


2011 Coverage

Chicago Booth brought together the brightest leaders, thinkers, and practitioners for an examination of social media. View 2011 event coverage »

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