Gleacher Club Facility progress report
We have been meeting with the architects and planners for the build-out of the fifth floor of the Gleacher Center. Watch for renderings and floor plans in the next issue of the magazine. We have still not resolved the issue of what to call it–the Phoenix Club perhaps. If you have thoughts on the matter please contact me.

A million thanks
Three key alumni club presidents, each of whom founded their respective clubs, hung up their gavels recently. In Orange County, longtime club leader J. Baum Harris, ’59, has been succeeded by Ed Siebel, ’64; in Tokyo, Atsuhito Sakai, ’82, moved to a less demanding role with the club, allowing Masahiro Nagayasu,’84, to take the helm; and in Bangkok, Burin Kantabutra, ’68, has been succeeded by Charn Sophanpanich, ’69. The role of a pioneer can be lonely and hard. For the heavy lifting on behalf of the GSB and your fellow alumni, thank you. Two other changes in leadership have occurred, both in Chicago. GSB Club president Marianne Murphy, ’92, has been succeeded by Jeff Gerns, ’90, and Dubravka Deppen, XP-60 (’91), head of the Women’s Business Group, has turned over the post to Mary Lynn Faunda,’86.

Alumni ambassadors
Although the number of GSB alumni clubs have mushroomed in the past two years, there are still many cities where we simply lack sufficient numbers of alumni to keep a formal organization up and running. Alumni living in these areas are encouraged to participate in our Alumni Ambassador Program. Alumni ambassadors serve as GSB contacts. They provide information about their community to new grads and transferring alumni. They might also provide information about the school to prospective students. Being an alumni ambassador is a small commitment, and it is a great way to stay connected to your alma mater. Call (773) 834-0229 if you are interested in participating.

OACCA update
As you may be aware, some months ago the portion of our office that provides career services to alumni gained a name and identity of its own. Now known as the Office to Advance Career and Corporate Alliances (OACCA), it has expanded the services available to you as a GSB alum. Services are offered free of charge or at a nominal cost.

Perhaps due to the rash of M & A activity or the recent turmoil in the markets, the OACCA team of Bob Wilcox, Anita Brick, and Wanda Jackson has seen an increase in the number of participants in coaching sessions and workshops.

Among the aids available to you are the GSBWorks manual and workshops. The manual is now in its fourth printing, and OACCA has received requests for it from as far away as Asia. The manual is tailored to the specific needs of GSB alumni with a framework to help you effectively manage your career. Alumni are using the manual to develop the tools to market themselves in their current jobs or in the job market. The workshops are offered monthly on Saturdays and on weekdays during part of the year as a brown bag lunch series.

You might also wish to attend OACCA’s industry insights presentations. These programs connect alumni with key business and industry experts. The most recent events have featured A.T. Kearney, Gemini Consulting, and the Kauffman Fellows Program and have covered topics such as the future of venture capital and transaction processing. Future events with Norrell and Deloitte & Touche are in the works.

In an effort to meet the needs of alumni worldwide, the GSB is introducing the first phase of the Fisher Library Alumni Research Service, which covers basic company and executive search firm research. For more information, contact Maura Barrett at (312) 464-8737 or

Of particular interest to those alumni outside of the Chicago area is the upcoming debut of workshops over the Web. The M.B.A. Professional Development Series is being planned for this spring. This series of regional and virtual workshops and chats will cover topics from self-assessment to determining your market value to gaining visibility inside and outside your organization. These programs are designed to help alumni leverage their skills, experiences, and M.B.A.

New expatriate virtual club
A new virtual GSB club is forming for expatriate alumni. This group will meet online to share experiences, advice, and war stories. For more information, call (773) 834-0229.

Get your piece of posterity
A limited number of centennial street banners are available to alumni. The banners are identical to the ones that hung in downtown Chicago and in Hyde Park, but they were extras that were never used. The banners are approximately 30 inches wide and 60 inches long and have a black background with the centennial logo in gold and maroon. The banners are $50 each and may be purchased by check, MasterCard, or Visa. Call the alumni office at (773) 702-7727 for more information.

Julian Gross, a native Hyde Parker, is the new assistant director for awards and student programs. He has his B.A. from Rochester University in New York. Prior to joining the GSB he played guitar in a rock band in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He is an avid soccer player.

Wanda Jackson joins Bob Wilcox and Anita Brick at Gleacher Center as the assistant director of OACCA. Previously, she worked in faculty services at the GSB. She received her degree from the University of Memphis. Her hobbies include backgammon, volleyball, and biking.


By Danielle Palmer, ’92
Director of Alumni Affairs and Major Events

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