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Highlights of the Hamada Years

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School Ties: Thousands of alumni have attended the annual black-tie Alumni Celebration in Chicago since its inception in 1996. The event is one of several new services and programs for alumni that began during Hamada’s terms.

Strengthening the Alumnni Network

By Danielle Palmer, ’92
Director of Alumni Affairs and Special Events

In my first conversation with Dean Hamada, he said one of his two major goals was to create an alumni network as powerful and effective as those of our peer schools. We proceeded to build in 6 1/2 years what normally takes decades: an alumni program that gives the GSB continued relevance in the lives of our alumni and provides the means for us to stay connected to one another. The dean supported a multifaceted approach: local organizations for face-to-face interaction; Web and other e-channels to expand communication; a broad menu of career services; international outreach; added events and conferences; expanded printed communication; and a private, membership-driven “clubhouse” exclusively for the GSB community.

In 1994, we had 13 active alumni chapters. Today, thanks to an effort led by Dean Hamada, we will soon announce our 70th chapter, including 30 outside the United States. Industry roundtables meet regularly in Chicago and elsewhere. Representatives from the class of 1995 and all subsequent classes have been organized to facilitate communication and social events. Each of these groups receives administrative and financial support from the GSB.

In 1995, the GSB offered alumni e-mail addresses as well as other electronic services. Today more than half of our alumni use Email4Life, receive monthly e-mail newsletters, and view our Web site regularly. Global Workplace (see just debuted on our site, and new initiatives include streaming video.

The Office to Advance Career and Corporate Alliances (OACCA) provides alumni with career services, including individual coaching, workshops, online job listings, self-assessment, an electronic newsletter, and a newly launched compensation survey. Fisher Library provides business research to alums. Our Global Workplace partnership will offer more services to alumni worldwide.

In addition to expanding the Business Forecast Luncheons and Management Conference, at the dean’s direction, we added an annual black-tie Alumni Celebration in Chicago and instituted reunions and conferences in Europe and Asia. The $1.5 million Midway Club, one of the dean’s pet projects, gives alumni a centrally located, state-of-the-art business and social base.

These efforts demanded corresponding growth in budget and resources. Today, we are the envy of our peers in terms of program scope and available resources. Dean Hamada brought his ideas, his unstinting support, and his enthusiasm to all we have accomplished. As an alum, and on behalf of all GSB alums, thank you, Bob Hamada.

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