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Along with an integrated campus, an M.B.A.-dedicated residence hall is a component of the GSB Campaign.

Planning an M.B.A. Residence

By Mark Zmijewski
Deputy Dean for Full-Time M.B.A. Programs and Leon Carroll Marshall Professor of Accounting

Having the office directly next to Bob gives me good insight into what issues he is passionate about. Without a doubt, one such issue is the construction of a dedicated M.B.A. residential facility. Although the facility will be built after his term as dean ends, this project has Bob’s fingerprints all over it. Several years ago, he appointed a task force on student life, which recommended that the school explore building a residential facility. Bob quickly became committed to do more than explore this option; it became one of his top priorities. But he would move forward only on the condition that current students take an active role in the project. Since this would be a student facility, he felt students should be involved in such decisions as the location and design. The only stipulations were that the building should be near our new integrated campus and that there should be plenty of off-street parking.

Bob’s close relationships with GSB alumni have helped to secure funding for the project.

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