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Highlights of the Hamada Years

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Hamada repeatedly demonstrated his ability to think strategically and consider long-term implications.

Leading Strategically

By James R. Donnelley, ’62
Member, Council on the Graduate School of Business

I especially admire Bob for his long-range strategic thinking. The world of business is in a period of great change. The most obvious drivers of this change are the accelerating growth of globalization, pushed on by changes in communications, especially the Internet. Computers have finally come into their own, and companies are seeing significant productivity increases in cost savings due to technology.

However, Bob has clearly understood that these are long-term trends that can be distorted by short-term fads. Under Bob’s leadership, the GSB has forged ahead in expanding our Barcelona campus as well as starting operations in Singapore. This clearly demonstrates his recognition that the world today is much different than the world of 10 years ago.

Bob also understands that communications is making the world smaller and more productive. But he has, in my opinion, correctly resisted the temptation to follow popular fads, insisting that the school continue to teach the principles of good, solid business. There are theoretical tools that allow a business leader to make intelligent judgments on how the world has changed and how to execute a long-term strategic plan. One cannot operate a business on a quarter-by-quarter basis, nor can one operate a business school on a year-by-year basis. There must be a longer-term vision if great success is to be achieved.

Bob has clearly articulated such a vision. He was not panicked by the Internet or high-tech craze. As a leader, he continues to emphasize business principles as the tools that will bring long-term success in this century. The GSB certainly has been enriched by his strong leadership.

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