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Highlights of the Hamada Years

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Educating Executives: Custom corporate education and nondegree executive education programs were two initiatives that raised the GSB’s profile during Hamada’s terms. Above, students network during a break from class.

Launching New Initiatives

By Mark Zmijewski
Deputy Dean for Full-Time M.B.A. Programs and Leon Carroll Marshall Professor of Accounting

As soon as the GSB’s Gleacher Center was completed to replace our cramped quarters at 190 East Delaware Place, it was apparent that Bob was thinking about how to utilize the daytime capacity of our new state-of-the-art facility in downtown Chicago. Bob decided that the time was right to offer nondegree executive education programs, to create custom corporate education, and to operate a conference center at this prime location. This decision has been very valuable to the GSB. The GSB’s visibility in the business community has increased substantially because of our executive education programs, and these programs have also provided a financial benefit to the school. Now in its fifth year, the GSB’s executive education program is expected to yield more than $8 million in revenue this year. More than 2,000 executives have attended one of our 27 programs during the past year.

Another of Bob’s initiatives that raised our profile in the business community and is providing financial benefits to the GSB was the creation of a conference center at Gleacher Center. With the building used primarily for evening and weekend classes, Bob saw an opportunity to make our facilities available to businesses during the day. Now, a variety of corporate meetings are held there on a daily basis, exposing key business leaders to the GSB.

Bob also had the foresight to make sure the GSB became involved with the premier provider in distance learning, Bob realized that new technology will have a profound impact on how business education is delivered, and he quickly took steps to make sure the GSB would be a leader in the field. As a result of Bob’s efforts, the GSB now has access to the $100 million in new distance learning technology developed by UNext. This spring, for the first time, this technology was used in a pre-M.B.A. program for our entering students.

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