Big announcement #1: We’re going to have a club house!
Its going to happen! Thanks so much to all who took the time to reply to our recent survey on whether or not to include an alumni club facility in the plans to build out the shell space at Gleacher Center. Due in large part to the overwhelmingly positive response from you, a club facility for GSB alumni will become a reality sometime in 1999–just in time for the millennium.

The concept, for those of you who might have missed it in a previous column, is to create a facility of approximately 5,000 square feet that will combine some elements of a private dining club with a top-notch business center. Two small modular private offices will have computers with videoconferencing capability. This will allow users to meet with or interview with contacts across the globe, among other things. A big benefit will be the use of the Fisher Library at Gleacher; this mostly electronic library will serve as an incredible resource to members.

There will be a large lounge area overlooking the river, small meeting/dining rooms, a television room (big screen, of course), a billiard room; a tended bar and some food service. Members could hold business, lunch, or dinner meetings; work away from the office, and or just hang out with a cold drink. This would be a place to network with fellow alums or to stop in for coffee, a bagel and the morning newspaper. It could be a a site for a wedding reception or your company holiday party.

The school will subsidize the considerable build-out cost but we must at least break even operationally. We will charge for membership, but we will try to keep both the entrance and monthly fees as reasonable as possible. One option would be to keep those low and charge a per use fee.

Your participation will be crucial in making this unique concept a success. No other private club has quite the mix of services that we have in mind. Stay tuned for progress reports, floor plans and a timetable for the opening.

Big announcement #2: Online alumni database
It’s great to announce the introduction of a service so many of you have been requesting–online access to the GSB alumni data base. Using your email 4 life password, you can now retrieve business addresses, phone and fax numbers, and email addresses from the GSB alumni database. This should facilitate networking and job searches, not to mention rekindling old friendships. Think of it. All GSB alumni now have a rolodex more than 30,000 names strong! The office of alumni relations will gladly continue to provide lists upon request , as we have done in the past. However, those with web access will find it far more convenient and faster to access the information for themselves online.

Gone but not forgotten
Congratulations to the most recent crop of GSB alumni–the Class of 1998 and their class officers. The class will be represented by Peter Collins and Laura Kanov for the part-time programs and David Houggy, Catey McCreary, and Prabhakar Tedepalli for the full-time program. Class officers work hard to keep their classmates connected to one another as well as to the school. They will be forming a network of regional representatives to help out.

It has been a terrific year-long birthday party thus far.Ho The packed year included black -tie celebration dinners, a really special Management Conference, Centennial banners hanging all over the city of Chicago and our own line of logo merchandise. As a memento of your School’s Centennial, you can order an exclusive GSB Centennial sweatshirt , just in time for the chill winds of autumn. Flaunt it at football games at other universities! Value-seeking GSBers will appreciate that it’s a great deal for $30. The same quality Lee’s sweatshirt is over $45 elsewhere. To order, fax or mail the form below.

By Danielle Palmer, ’92
Director of Alumni Relations

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