WITH THE appointment of Robert S. Hamada to a second term as dean come some administrative changes.

Robin Hogarth, deputy dean for full-time M.B.A. programs, will step down when his term ends on June 30 and return to teaching and research.

Mark Zmijewski, currently deputy dean for part-time M.B.A. programs, will fill the vacancy Hogarth leaves. Gary Eppen, a 34-year veteran of the faculty and a former director of the Executive Program, will replace Zmijewski as deputy dean for the Evening, Weekend, Executive M.B.A., and International Executive M.B.A. Programs. John Huizinga will continue for another term as deputy dean for faculty.

Hogarth’s decision is a loss for the dean’s office but a gain for the greater number of students who will be able to learn from him in the classroom, Hamada said. “Many of the student and recruiter-related improvements that have taken place at the GSB in the past 18 months can be directly traced to the leadership of Robin Hogarth. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his exhaustive and selfless efforts on behalf of the GSB. Our school is a better place today because of his hard work.

Zmijewski has made a number of improvements since he assumed the deputy deanship established for the part-time programs late in 1996. “I am confident he will provide a high level of leadership, service, creativity, and energy to our campus M.B.A. program,” Hamada said. Eppen, the Ralph and Dorothy Keller Distinguished Service Professor of Operations Management, brings extensive experience to his new role; He was associate dean of the school from 1969 to 1975 and has held many other administrative posts.

Zmijewski will be ably assisted by Don Martin, who was named to the newly created position of associate dean for full-time M.B.A. programs effective January 1. Martin, formerly director of admissions, will oversee both the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid and the Offices of Student Services and Student Life. His goal in this new role will be to improve coordination of services from the point a prospective student inquires about the program through application and interviews, matriculation, campus life, and graduation.

A search is in process for a new director of admissions.

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