TIMES, STUDENTS, and careers have changed since the Leadership Exploration and Development was introduced in 1989, and it’s time for LEAD to change, too. After careful review, a LEAD revision committee announced significant changes that will be implemented in the course for Autumn 1998 incoming students.

There will be two major changes to the program. The curriculum will no longer be created from scratch each year, but will be based on the same basic modules and modified as needed. And LEAD modules will focus more on specific career management and communication skills that will aid students in their job searches and enhance on-the-job-performance.

The curriculum will no longer be developed by student facilitators; instead, a committee will set the subject matter, so facilitators can concentrate more on delivery of the program. This will allow the facilitators receive more training. In addition, working from a core curriculum will also ensure that LEAD is a quality experience from year to year and cohort to cohort.

A significantly expanded orientation will feature three-day modules focusing on career management, interpersonal communications effectiveness, and academic planning. LEAD facilitators will present the first two modules; the academic planning section will be presented by the Office of Student Services.

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