The school honors outstanding achievement by alumni in the corporate, entrepreneurial, and public service sectors with the Distinguished Alumni Awards. Read about this year's winners (from top left) Ernie Wish, XP-29 (’71), David Booth, ’71, and Rex Sinquefield, ’72, and Philip J. Purcell III, ’67.


Events of the Century
As the century draws to a close, we asked current and former faculty what they consider they most important events of the past 100 years, and what forces will influence the coming decades. From the discovery of DNA to the rise of China, these are the events that shape our lives.

Are Aging Firms Doomed to Obsolescence?
Are high-tech start-ups leaving established firms behind? Jesper Sorenson and Toby Stuart examine the effect of aging on organizational innovation.


Sidney Davidson says farewell to Chicago. Read about it in GSB News.


A letter from Dean Hamada.


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Carl Baker, ’95, pedals for dollars in cross-country bike ride.

Patrick, ’64, and Tim Monahan, ’63, bring sweeping changes to family

Marge Waterstreet, ’83, writes a new script for her future.


Linda Heagy, XP-55 (’85), finds a perfect fit in executive search.


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