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T. Peter Townsend, ’61, was elected vice president, investor relations, and corporate secretary of Exxon Mobil Corporation. Before the merger, he held similar positions with Exxon.

Philip Purcell, ’67, has been appointed to the board of directors of American Airlines and its parent, AMR Corporation. Purcell is chairman and chief executive officer of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co.

Steven Schwarzwaelder, ’80, was named managing director for McKinsey & Company’s Cleveland/Pittsburgh/ Detroit region.

Jeff Weitzen, ’80, is Gateway’s new CEO. Weitzen will also retain the title of president, acquired when he was recruited from AT&T two years ago to serve as Gateway’s number two executive.

Joseph Lorenz, ’81, was appointed chief financial officer of B2BWorks, an online business-to-business advertising network.

Wes Raffel, ’81, was appointed a partner of Advanced Technology Ventures, a venture capital firm in Palo Alto, California, focused on Internet companies.

Byron Smith, ’86, joined Excite@Home as senior vice president of marketing for the firm’s subscriber networks division.

W. Eric Carlborg, ’89, is now chief financial officer of IKANO Communications, a provider of branded Internet services.

Hal Halladay, ’90, made the news recently when his firm, North Sky Inc., was acquired by About.com. Halladay is CEO of North Sky.

Carrie Shea, ’90, has been appointed executive vice president of marketing and strategy for Entrade, a business-to-business e-commerce firm. Previously, Shea was a vice president in the e-commerce practice at A.T. Kearney.

FinancialWeb.com appointed Kevin Leininger, ’91, president and CEO. The firm distributes financial information to consumer and business markets in the United States and abroad over the Internet.

Jerry Leshne, XP-65 (’96), is now vice president of investor relations for Global Crossing Ltd. The company is building the world’s first global fiber-optic network.

Brent Hill, ’98, is rubbing elbows these days with sports greats Michael Jordan, John Elway, and Wayne Gretzky. The trio own MVP.com, where Hill is a top executive and a director of the company.

David Legler, a student in the Evening M.B.A. Program, made news recently when he became the biggest winner in the history of TV game shows. Legler won $1.7 million as a contestant on NBC’s “Twenty One.”—C.N.
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Ray Krouse, ’99, cofounded company while a student in the campus program

NBC Internet announced in April that it will purchase Flyswat.com in an all-stock transaction valued at approximately $100 million. Flyswat cofounders Ray Krouse, ’99, and John Rodkin met at Admit Weekend and started the company during their first year at the GSB.

Flyswat’s product enables Web users to create links to Internet content and commerce services on any Web site or personal document.

When Krouse and company were featured in Chicago GSB last spring, he talked about the process of developing the Internet start-up, which placed fourth in the New Venture Challenge.

“I think getting the business off the ground would have been much harder to do without the New Venture Challenge. It took us through a lot of different iterations of the business plan, and it gave us a flavor of what to expect from investor meetings,” Krouse said. “It made us focus on the things we needed to think about and gave us a goal to work toward.”

To learn more about the company, check out
www.flyswat.com; to read a profile of Krouse, see the Chicago GSB archives online.—M.M.B.
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