Merton H. Miller | 1923-2000
Merton H. Miller, Nobel laureate and Robert R. McCormick Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus of Finance, died June 3 at his Chicago home. News of his death came when the spring issue was already at press. Look for a special tribute to Miller in the summer issue of Chicago GSB.
A Work in Progress: The New Chicago GSB
The spring issue of Chicago GSB kicks off the new look (and name) of the magazine as a reflection of the GSB’s new marketing positioning and graphic identity. Many of you read the story in the Winter 2000 issue on the marketing of the school and wondered if the magazine would change, too. The redesign is more than skin deep—Chicago GSB now includes an expanded class notes section,a new department to highlight prominent alumni (“Who’s News”), and a column from the school’s capital campaign co-chairs that will be a regular feature for the next several years (“From the Chairs”). We’ve listened to your suggestions on our quarterly reader surveys, and we assembled alumni focus groups to hear what you have to say. But this issue isn’t the final word; the magazine is a work in progress. So let us know what you think about this issue—and what you want to see between the covers of Chicago GSB in the future—Ed.
What's in a Name

I just received the latest issue of the magazine and read the report on the positioning of the GSB. My compliments! I think the new logo is super. Are you going to change the name
of the magazine accordingly?

Karl Meister, ’62
New Vernon, New Jersey
In with the New, Out with the Old: The magazine has been redesigned—and reconceptualized—
to reflect the GSB's new marketing positioning and graphic identity.

From the Dean
Upholding the GSB Legacy

From the Chairs
Campaign Kicks Off Nationwide
Branding the GSB
I just want to make sure that the new branding effort for the GSB is carried forth in every aspect of the organization, including the title of the magazine, the Web address, magazine ads, internal communications, fax cover sheets, etc. It would have been appropriate for this issue to reflect these changes along with the editorial about the new effort. As a professional in the branding arena, I all too often see organizations and companies that do not fully follow through with these initiatives and then wonder down the road why they are not as successful as hoped.

J. Elias Portnoy, ’79
Orlando, Florida
CORRECTION: In our story on the Business Forecast Luncheon ("Rising Inflation, Slower Growth Predicted for 2000," Winter 2000), the year's average unemployment is listed as 0.0 percent. The unemployment rate is never 0.0 percent; the figure actually refers to the predicted change in the unemployment rate from 1999 to 2000. We regret the error.
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