I often use this letter to offer my goals for the GSB or to announce special initiatives. This time, I’m dedicating this space to possibly the most important thing I will announce as dean—something that will make all our future initiatives possible.

The GSB is embarking on a capital campaign to raise $175 million over the next five years. To put this effort in perspective, our largest campaign to date raised $23.5 million from 1982 to 1986.

Why this effort? Simply put, we must secure our future as a powerhouse in business education. For 100 years, we have refined the art of inquiry, challenge, and analysis. We’ve dedicated ourselves to creating and disseminating intellectual capital. We must invest now to maintain that legacy and continue to contribute to business education and leadership in the next century.

The campaign has four strategic aims:

*to recruit and retain the best faculty in the world;
*to recruit and retain the best students in the world;
*to expand and maximize our disciplinary strengths with cross-disciplinary research centers; and
*to house these remarkable people and programs in a facility custom-built to foster rich intellectual exchange. (See
“Making History.”)

In short, the campaign boils down to this: Our faculty ensure our superb reputation. Hiring the brightest researchers and teachers and supporting them generously produces influential scholarship and attracts the best students. Today, competition for faculty is intense. To retain and renew that intellectual resource, we must increase the number of endowed professorships and fellowships.

Strong faculty help attract top students, but we must offer more scholarships to compete. We must continually develop innovative learning opportunities that enhance the classroom experience.

Equally important are opportunities for multidisciplinary exploration. We aim to increase our investment in research centers such as the Kilts Center for Marketing and to create more centers, such as the proposed Center for Entrepreneurship, to be incubators for new ideas and learning.

Support for faculty, research, and students comes together in the fourth goal. We will replace our crowded, outmoded, and scattered facilities with a new learning center. For the first time, classrooms, faculty offices, student services, and extracurricular activities will exist under one roof, connected with the latest technology. With the hope of a new, dedicated GSB residential facility nearby, students will live and learn in close proximity to the best minds in business and to their talented peers. I’m thrilled with many of the amenities we’ve planned, but the buildings far exceed the sum of their features and square feet. They have been designed to bring people together in discussion that will spark ideas, forge bonds, and create synergies. As the hub of GSB life, the buildings will create stronger community and provide the environment for an unforgettable learning experience. (See
Blueprint for Success: The GSB’s New Integrated Campus.”)

To make all this possible, we need you—the graduates and friends of the GSB. We’re fortunate to have two dedicated alumni, Dennis J. Keller, ’68, and Andrew Alper, A.B. ’80, M.B.A. ’81, leading this crucial effort. I have heard Dennis explain why you should support the campaign in this way: The success of the school over the last century has been in large part due to strong faculty and to alumni support. Now those who benefited from a relationship with the school in the past must invest in the GSB to secure its future. I couldn’t agree more. I hope that you, who have achieved much with a start from this school, will join us in this campaign and help us realize our aims of excellence.
Dean Robert S. Hamada

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Robert S. Hamada
Dean and Edward Eagle Brown Distinguished Service Professor of Finance
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