October 21, 2008


Zurich Marriott Hotel
Neumuehlequai 42
8001 Zurich


18:30 - Registration
19:00 - Program
20:00 - Networking Reception


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Mindreading: Misusing your sixth sense in leadership and management

Nicholas Epley, Professor of Behavioral Science and Neubauer Family Faculty Fellow

People care a great deal about others' minds-their impressions, intentions, goals, motivations, and desires-largely because people care a great deal about predicting and understanding others behavior. People attempt to influence others' impressions, manage others' expectations, and use beliefs about others' intentions and motivations when attempting to manage or lead others. Although mind reading is a central feature of nearly all social interaction, people's actual ability to accurately intuit others' mental states is surprisingly poor. How can you improve this critical skill?

Join us as Chicago Booth professor Nick Epley leads a discussion on:

  • experimental research documenting people's ability to intuit others' thoughts,
  • their miscalibrated beliefs about their own abilities, and
  • the systematic mistakes people make when reading others' minds that are especially relevant for leadership and management.

The barriers that exist to reading others' minds suggest several strategies to improve your mind-reading ability. Attending this presentation will not turn others' minds into an open book, but it will make you both a better-informed and more accurate mind reader.

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