Wednesday, April 16, 2008


The Union League of Philadelphia**
Grant Ball Room
140 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA

**The League's Dress Code requires Business Casual Attire for ladies and gentleman.


6:00 p.m.: Registration/ Reception
7:00 p.m.: Presentation followed by Q&A

Have the cake and eat it too: How goals affect choice

Speaker: Ayelet Fishbach
Associate Professor of Behavioral Science

People rarely desire only one thing at a time. Rather, they strive toward several goals simultaneously, for instance, losing weight, saving for retirement, staying in shape, buying a home, etc. Goals are likewise often in competition with each other. Meeting a deadline at work, for example, could mean foregoing a vacation with the family. In such situations, how does the desire to "have one's cake and eat it, too" influence actions?

In her presentation Professor Ayelet Fishbach will address this question based on consumer research. Choices are often motivated by goals, and Professor Fishbach will explore how such choices are made and effects goals have on choices. She will attempt to explain why people often invest in a single goal rather than in several goals of different importance. For example, she will discuss the factors behind the choice to eat a healthy diet and the choice to eat a healthy meal sometimes and junk food at others.

She will also touch on a related question: What are the factors that increase a person's motivation to achieve a goal. Is one of these factors the presence or absence of similar goals? When is someone, for example, more likely to donate to a charitable cause? Is it the total of donations to the cause to date, or the amount needed to reach a campaign goal? Professor Fishbach will present findings from research at the University of Chicago that illustrate how an understanding of people's multiple goals can be of benefit to managers and marketers.