March 3, 2009


La FundaciĆ³n Rafael del Pino
Calle de Rafael Calvo 39
28010 Madrid


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20:00 - Reception

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Why Laura isn't CEO

Marianne Bertrand
Fred G. Steingraber/A. T. Kearney Professor of Economics

More and more women are getting a business education but few of them seem to make it to the top...why are there so few female CEOs?

Various explanations have been proposed, including the suggestion that women are still discriminated against, or that women just don't have what it takes to compete in the often cut-throat business environment. Current research led by Chicago Booth Professor Marianne Bertrand explores the reasons behind the gender gap in business. Unsurprisingly, her research confirms that female MBAs have not done as well as male MBAs in the labor market.

What may surprise you, however, are some of the reasons why they have not done as well. Attend Chicago Booth's Global Leadership series to hear Professor Bertrand discuss factors that explain the large and rising gender gap in earnings between MBA graduates of an elite business school. Her findings will provoke a re-assessment of personal career choices, offer insight into human resource policies, and provide broad guidance to those responsible for organizational practices.

Supporting Documents:
View Bertrand's presentation here (PDF)