January 17, 2007


Mercantile Athletic Club
Penthouse Floor
World Trade Centre
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 31


12:00 PM: Registration
12:30 PM: Programme and Lunch


Please register by January 15.

Regional media sponsor:

Protecting Your Company's Future: Integrated Risk and Capital Management

Speaker: Christopher L. Culp
Adjunct Professor of Finance
Chicago Booth

In today's business world, uncertainty is a fact of life.  Natural disasters, political turmoil, economic cycles and intense competition can all lead to dramatic declines in revenue, profits and even outright losses of assets.

How do you protect your company from these risks and ensure the long term viability of your organization?   In this presentation, Prof. Culp will explore the similarities and differences between risk management and capital management. For many corporations, the two problems are fundamentally related. Culp will show how the evolution of numerous new financial products, structures, and techniques in the areas of Structured Finance and Structured Insurance are specifically designed to help firms manage their risk and capital in an integrated fashion – i.e., to help firms raise funds and manage risk using a single transaction.

After reviewing the relations between risk and capital generally and their link to the worlds of structured finance and structured insurance, Culp will review the state of these markets in Asia and will comment on the prospects for further development.