May 17, 2006


Deutsche Borse
Neue Börse
Neue Börsenstraße 1
60487 Frankfurt, Germany

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7:00 pm Program followed by networking reception


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Deutsche Börse Group

Creative Leadership: Transforming Your Company in an Uncertain World

Speaker: Marvin Zonis
Professor Emeritus of Business Administration

To be successful, a business’s strategy and organization must fit the context of its surroundings. In a globalized economy, these contexts are more numerous, diverse, and changing more rapidly than ever before. Whether through technological advances, intensified competition, political instability, increasing energy prices, or a host of other factors, change is the order of the day. Companies that fail to align their strategies and organization with these changing contexts run a significantly higher risk of failure. This talk will identify crucial contexts and how they are likely to change in 2006, and discuss corporate leadership as the essential catalyst for internal transformation and successful alignment with today’s economy.