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Andres Imaz, Class of 2013


Undergraduate School/Major:  I attended ORT University and majored in economics and finance. I also have a BA in agriculture from the Universidad de la Empresa and a BA in economics from the Universidad de la Republica.

Prior to Booth: I worked two years in business development and renewable energies at Acodike Supergas (downstream gas); before that I worked two years as head of strategy for Corfrisa (CPG Logistics), and before that I was general manager of an agribusiness firm that specialized in cattle, agriculture, and forestry.

Activities: Cofounder of the new Food, Environment, Agribusiness and Development (FEAD) Group; co-chair of the Energy Group; member of the Management Consulting Group, the Corporate Management & Strategy Group, Net Impact, Giving Something Back, the Latin American Business Group, the Soccer Club, the Golf Club, the Family Enterprise Group, and the Corporate Finance Group.

Why did you choose to attend Chicago Booth? Chicago is the capital city of the world for commodities and Booth is the number one business school; the University of Chicago is very admired in South America and considered top-notch. Being an economist I believe I am in the university for economics (making a dream come true), yet at the same time  management and business skills are tremendously practiced and worked on. Chicago is a very American city (which I wanted to feel and experience) and Booth is giving me an international perspective with my classmates. My wife also has professional opportunities here in Chicago.

What do you consider a "must visit" place or "must do" activity in Chicago? Visit the University of Chicago, visit the CBOT, go for a bicycle ride along the lakeshore, attend the Saturday Green City Farmers Market, and go to a Jazz Club and a summer concert at Millennium Park.

Ask me about...: Booth alumni in South America and specifically Uruguay; I can give you a very complete answer to how their education at Booth made them the leaders they are now and the huge positive impact they contributed to our region.


Maria Belen Romero, Class of 2014

Maria Belen

Undergraduate School/Major: I attended Universidad de Montevideo and Universidad Catolica del Uruguay and have a degree in business administration and international commerce and relations.

Prior to Booth: I was CMO at an agribusiness company.

Concentrations: Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Strategic Management.

Activities: Member of the Food Environment, Agribusiness and Development (FEAD) Group, the Management Consulting Group, the Corporate Management & Strategy Group, the Business Solutions Group, and Chicago Women in Business (CWiB).

Career plans: Strategy consulting in Latin America.

Why did you choose to attend Chicago Booth? There are many reasons: strong academics, amazing career services, and the flexible curriculum. But in the end, the main reason was the people. I was impressed by the "pay it forward" culture, and all the help I received from both first and second years when I was applying was incredible. Now as a first year, the support from second years is even greater. 

Use three adjectives to describe your experience at Chicago Booth: Fun, insightful, and demanding.

What do you consider a "must visit" place or "must do" activity in Chicago? Visit Kingston Mines! It's a blues bar, and very cool, especially if you go on a Sunday.

Ask me about...: Ask me about anything! If I don't know the answer, I'll introduce you to someone who does.

Last Updated 1/28/13