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Olga Antonyuk, Class of 2013


Undergraduate School/Major: I attended Ivan Franko Zhytomyr State University. I have a bachelor's degree in English, a master's degree in German, and the equivalent of a master's degree in economics.

Prior to Booth:  I worked for Plastics Ukraine LLC as a product manager, for CFC Consulting as a project manager, and for Ejot UA LLC as supply chain and sales support manager.

Concentrations: General Management, Managerial and Organizational Behavior, Marketing Management, Operations Management, and Strategic Management.

Activities:  Member of the Management Consulting Group, Operations Strategy Group, Milton Friedman Group, Marketing Group, European Business Group, and co-chair of Booth Triathlon and Running Club.

Career plans: I will be working for Deloitte Consulting. I spent my summer internship at Discover Financial Services.

Why did you choose Chicago Booth? My genuine interest in Chicago Booth started back in 2009 upon attending the information session in Kyiv. I strongly believe that there are two success drivers - passion and confidence. I was longing for an environment like that to boost my learning, and having had a glimpse of what a Booth personality is and having found out about Booth's extremely supportive culture, I immediately knew it was a perfect fit. On a practical level, I wanted to balance out my liberal arts education and find a school that has a strong offering of quantitative classes. Booth exceeded my expectations in this regard, and besides providing a well-balanced mix of fundamental courses covering all areas I sought improvement in - finance, strategy, marketing, operations, and much more - the school won me over by offering amazing experiential opportunities in the marketing domain as well as having an array of classes offering scientific tools that are currently driving me to the bedrock of strategic management and allowing to have confidence in future managerial decisions. Finally, I knew that I wanted to spend my business school years in a fun and vibrant place. I am feeling lucky living in the most beautiful city in the US, which I still haven't explored to its fullest. I only have another eight months to do that.

Use three adjectives to describe your experience at Chicago Booth: Exhilarating, rewarding, and reincarnating.

What do you consider a "must visit" place or "must-do" activity in Chicago? Start your day by coming to the pier just outside the Adler Planetarium with your sweetheart and taking pictures against the skyline and the roaring lake (it's better when it's windy). Take a sip of orange-infused coffee at Orange and then go watch a Blue Man Group show followed by a dinner with friends at authentic cuisine places, of which Chicago has plenty (Greektown, Italian Village, Ukrainian Village). And finally, come for a glass of wine at your friend's place at Columbus Plaza, Aqua, Tides, or River North, and enjoy the night breathtaking view of Lake Michigan and Chicago in its full beauty.

Ask me about...: Gaining confidence in yourself and pride in your achievements in an extremely competitive environment, figuring out your strengths and areas of development as an international student, the cultural transition in recruiting/networking, my transformational experience and personal growth, learning how to ask for help, or how to find great friends and be happy at b-school.


Kostia Pertsovski, Class of 2014


Undergraduate School/Major: I attended Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University and majored in applied mathematics and computer information science.

Prior to Booth: I worked for Saatchi & Saatchi advertising agency, for the International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine and for USAID projects.

Concentrations: General Management, Marketing Management, and Strategic Management.

Activities: Member of the Management Consulting Group, Corporate Management and Strategy Group, Marketing Group and the Jewish Business Students Association.

Career plans: I am recruiting for consulting.

Why did you choose Chicago Booth? I liked the school's flexibility, quantitative focus and Booth people I knew.

Use three adjectives to describe your experience at Chicago Booth: Eye-opening, challenging, and fun.

What do you consider a "must visit" place or "must-do" activity in Chicago? Take a sailing course on Lake Michigan, visit the Chicago Tribune Tower during Open House Chicago, take the art tour at Harper Center.

Ask me about...: Extracurricular opportunities at Booth, living and studying for the first time in the U.S. or art and architecture in Chicago.

Last Updated 1/10/13