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The Philippines

Journee Isip, Class of 2014

Undergraduate School/Major: I graduated from Columbia University with a degree in physics.

Prior to Booth:  Prior to Booth, I worked for two years in management consulting at Oliver Wyman and for two years in risk and portfolio consulting for banks at SunGard.

Concentrations: Analytic finance and strategic management.

Activities:  Member of the International Development Group, Investment Management Group, DSAC, Corporate Strategy and Management Group and Management Consulting Group.

Career plans: I am recruiting for investment management.

Why did you choose to attend Chicago Booth? I chose to apply to Booth because of the national/international presence, the unique rigor of the academic program, the diversity and quality of the student body (in terms of geography, work background, education, etc.), and the breadth of opportunities available to students upon graduation.

Use three adjectives to describe your experience at Chicago Booth: Eye-opening, challenging and rewarding.

What do you consider a "must visit" place or "must-do" activity in Chicago? Eat bone marrow and red onion jam on toast at the Gilt Bar, go to a concert by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, have dim sum in Chinatown, take a stroll throughone of Chicago's many farmers markets.

Ask me about...:Switching from consulting into investment management, or about living in Chicago vs. Los Angeles vs. New York.

Last Updated 12/21/12