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Juan Boido, Class of 2013


Undergraduate School/Major: I graduated from Universidad Catolica Argentina with a law degree.

Prior to Booth: I was a corporate lawyer.

Activities: Member of the Corporate Management & Strategy, Marketing, High Tech, Healthcare, Latin American Business, and Business Solutions groups, and the Soccer Club.

Why did you choose Chicago Booth? I chose Booth for everything Booth stands for--its faculty, its alumni, its culture, its prestige and the challenge of being part of a global business force.

What do you consider a "must visit" place or "must do" activity in Chicago? The University of Chicago campus, Magnificent Mile, House of Blues, Wicker Park and Lincoln Park Must-do: attend the Jazz Festival, a Bears or Bulls game, and enjoy the city!

Ask me about...: My experience at Booth so far.


Maria Contesti, Class of 2014


Undergraduate School/Major: I graduated from Universidad Torcuato Di Tella and majored in Business Economics.

Prior to Booth: Before coming to Booth, I worked as a research associate in financial services and later as a consultant for Business Development for countries of Latin America.

Activities: Member of the Management Consulting Group, Corporate Management and Strategy Group, Chicago Women in Business, and Latin American Business Group.

Concentrations: Finance, General Management, and International Business.

Summer Internship Plans: I am recruiting for management consulting.

Why did you choose Chicago Booth? I chose Booth for three reasons. First, I wanted to go to a top business school where I could learn and be constantly challenged. The excellent faculty and the flexible curriculum allows me to become a better professional. Second, Booth's people and environment - all of my classmates are incredibly capable but at the same time, everyone's very collaborative and supportive and that's very important when you're doing an MBA! And third, Career Services and all the resources Chicago Booth offers its students.

Use three adjectives to describe your experience at Chicago Booth: Challenging, supportive, and exciting.

What do you consider a "must visit" place or "must do" activity in Chicago? I'd recommend a visit to the University of Chicago campus which is beautiful; go to listen jazz; experience Chicago's diversity through its neighborhoods and its amazing food!

Ask me about...: Why I chose Booth, recruiting for consulting outside the US, or the woman's perspective.


Martin Serra, Class of 2013


Undergraduate School/Major: I graduated from Universidad Torcuato Di Tella with a major in economics.

Prior to Booth: I worked in private equity in the energy industry.

Activities: Member of the Investment Banking Group, Energy Group, Private Equity Group, Latin America Business Club and the Golf Club.

Why did you choose Chicago Booth? For three reasons: The people; when I visited Chicago Booth I realized this was the place where I wanted to be. Everyone was very busy but also having a good time. The flexible curriculum; there was no other program that would let me focus on my areas of interest from day one. Finally,  Career Services; there is no other school that has so many people (including second years) trying to help you get the right job.

What do you consider a "must visit" place or "must do" activity in Chicago? Wicker Park, the best neighborhood in Chicago, running on Lake Shore Drive and the Thursday night student events.

Ask me about...: Applying to Booth, private equity in Argentina, recruiting for investment banking, or practicing sports in Chicago.

Last Updated 12/17/12