Faculty & Research

Ira S. Weiss

Clinical Professor of Accounting and Entrepreneurship

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5807 South Woodlawn Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637

Ira Weiss specializes in tax strategy, financial accounting, mutual fund taxation, and private equity investing. He teaches advanced MBA courses in both tax strategy and entrepreneurship at Chicago Booth, and helps support the entrepreneurial community through his work as the Faculty Director of Hyde Park Angels, an angel investing group affiliated with the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship.

Weiss has been the recipient of numerous teaching awards, and his research has appeared in the Wall Street Journal and on CNN, as well as in the Journal of Accounting and Economics and Review of Accounting Studies.

Weiss feels it is important for students in his tax class to walk away knowing how to structure business decisions in the most tax-efficient manner, taking into account all other costs. He cites one significant use for the tools he teaches in class: learning how to structure merger and acquisition transactions. Students also learn many useful tax planning techniques for their personal financial decisions, such as whether they can deduct the cost of MBA tuition off their taxes.. While teaching taxes and business strategy, he often is able to include some of the structures from real private equity deals to demonstrate the power of effective tax planning.

Weiss has held positions at the accounting/consulting firms of Ernst & Young and Coopers & Lybrand, and serves on the boards of Concerro (www.concerro.com) and Retel Technologies (www.reteltechnologies.com).

He earned a bachelor's degree in accounting from the University of Illinois in 1992. He received an MBA in 1999 and a PhD in 2001, from the Chicago Booth. He holds a CPA from the state of Illinois.

Outside of the classroom, he enjoys college basketball, mountain biking, Middle East politics and religions, and neuro-linguistic programming.


2014 - 2015 Course Schedule

Number Name Quarter
30118 Taxes and Business Strategy 2015 (Winter)
30118 Taxes and Business Strategy 2015 (Spring)
34105 Cases in Entrepreneurship Seminar 2014 (Fall)
34702 Private Equity/Venture Capital Lab 2015 (Winter)
34702 Private Equity/Venture Capital Lab 2015 (Spring)

Other Interests

College basketball, mountain biking, angel and venture capital investing, Middle East politics and religions, neuro-linguistic programming.


Research Activities

Corporate taxation; mutual fund taxation; accounting regulation; earnings management; and angel investing.

With Marcus Butler and Arthur Kraft, "The Effect of Reporting Frequency on the Timeliness of Earnings: The Cases of Voluntary and Mandatory Interim Reports," Journal of Accounting and Economics (2007).

With Feng Chen, and Lin Zheng, "The Predictive Role of Analyst Coverage Intensity: Evidence from Cross-Listing in the U.S.," Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics (2007).

With Daniel Collins and Edward Maydew, "Changes in the Value-Relevance of Earnings and Book Values over the Past Forty Years," Journal of Accounting and Economics (1997).