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Entrepreneurial Student Groups

Chicago Booth students interested in entrepreneurial careers can join several student groups that allow them to test out the ideas, theories, and concepts they learn in the classroom. Involvement in these groups provides valuable leadership experience and networking contacts through conferences, guest lectures, social events, company visits, and more.

Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Group

The Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Group (EVC) is one of the largest student groups at Chicago Booth. The EVC's goal is to educate student members about career paths in entrepreneurship and venture capital through conferences, guest speakers, social events, recruiting sessions, networking opportunities, and real-world experiences.

Private Equity Group

The Private Equity Group (PE) provides career development, networking opportunities, conferences on current topics in the industry, group activities, industry-leading speakers, industry-focused trips, and many other resources for students interested in private equity.

Business Solutions Group

The Business Solutions Group (BSG) provides experiential learning to students interested in pursuing careers in consulting, marketing, corporate strategy, and entrepreneurship. Over a 10-week period, Chicago Booth students apply their business skills as a team and work with actual clients to solve a real business problems.

Energy Group

The Energy Group promotes awareness of the energy industry within the Chicago Booth community. The group develops connections between Chicago Booth and industry participants, supports innovation efforts in the green technology space, and assists group members who are pursuing careers with energy firms and related service businesses.

Family Enterprise Group

The Family Enterprise Group provides a platform for students interested in family business, whether they are already part of one or wish to join one. The group organizes workshops and guest speaker events to educate its members on topics like corporate culture, family relations and business, succession, and corporate governance.

Booth Technology Group

The Booth Technology Group (BoothTech) serves the needs of students interested in pursuing careers at well-established and emerging tech firms in consulting, marketing, or banking, as well as those who want to build a strong understanding of the tech landscape and tech's various applications. The group's overall goal is to position Chicago Booth as a hub for talent that can drive innovation in the ever-changing tech industry and provides educational, recruiting, and networking resources to our membership.

Net Impact

Net Impact is a national network of emerging business leaders interested in applying business skills toward creating not only economic value, but positive social value as well. Net Impact's mission is to inspire the Chicago Booth community to use its skills, resources, and talents as business leaders to contribute to our society.

Part-Time Private Equity, Entrepreneurial Ventures, and Venture Capital Club

The Private Equity, Entrepreneurial Ventures, and Venture Capital Club (PEVC) is geared toward Evening and Weekend Chicago Booth students interested in entrepreneurship. The PEVC sponsors a number of year-round social events, presentations, and panel discussions featuring speakers from a wide range of industries.