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Herman Family Fellowship

The Herman Family Fellowship was established 1995 by Michael, '64, and Karen Herman to help incoming female students pursue their entrepreneurial interests. Recipients are given a financial award to span their two-year MBA education at Chicago Booth. The fellowship expanded in 2008 to include adjunct fellows who have completed at least one year at Chicago Booth and demonstrated a commitment to entrepreneurship.

Recipients join the family of Herman Family Fellows, allowing them to participate in yearly reunions hosted by the Herman Family and the Polsky Center. These reunions feature panel presentations by female entrepreneurs as well as networking sessions for current and former Herman Fellows to connect and discuss their entrepreneurial efforts.

Contact Information

For more information about the Herman Family Fellowship, please email Erika Mercer.

Herman Fellows

Winners of the Herman Fellowships are:


Katlin Smith


Stella Fayman
Liz Kammel and Allison Hannon (adjunct)

2011-12 Sarah Press
Coco Meers (adjunct)
2010-11 Laura Shapland (adjunct)
2009-10 Lindsey Cole
Grace Lee (adjunct)
Charisse Conanan (adjunct)
Adrissha Wimberley (adjunct)
2008-09 Ann Golladay
Ulrika Haug (adjunct)
Lisa Stefanac (adjunct)
Marguarette Dau (adjunct)

Sanaz Alexander

2006-07 Helen Douvogiannis

Dequiana Brooks
Erin Hallock
Maria Hernandez

2004-05 Maria Eugenia Dupuy
2003-04 Margaret Ahn
2002-03 Eteri Zaslavsky
Kristina Burow
2001-02 Francine Joyce Byers
Maria Stecklein Flynn
2000-01 Aparna Sharma
Kathy Nguyen
1999-2000 Lynette Sapienza
Elke Rohn
1998-99 Jean Rosauer
1997-98 Cimi Barouh Silverberg
Daphne Mazarakis
1996-97 Mary Elizabeth Arzac
Victoria Malin Gregory
1995-96 Helen Han
Alana Muller