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Results: 18 of 92 for Distinguished Public Service/Public Sector Alumni Award Winners

Andrew M. Alper

Andrew M. Alper, MBA ’81, AB ’80

Public Service Award – 2004


New York City Economic Development Corporation

Charles A. Bowsher

Charles A. Bowsher, ’56

Public Service Award – 1998

Retired Comptroller General

United States General Accounting Office

Ron Huberman

Ron Huberman, AM ’00, MBA ’00

Public Service Award – 2009


Chicago Public Schools

Dean Karlan

Dean Karlan, MBA ’97,
MPP ’97

Public Service Award – 2012

President and Founder

Innovations for Poverty Action

Sister Sheila Lyne

Sister Sheila Lyne, ’80 (XP-44)

Public Service Award – 1996

Commissioner of Public Health

City of Chicago

Jack Markell

Jack Markell, ’85

Public Service Award – 2010


State of Delaware

Gary A. Mecklenburg

Gary A. Mecklenburg, ’70

Public Service Award – 2000

President and CEO

Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Northwestern Memorial Corporation

Alfredo Moreno

Alfredo Moreno, ’82

Public Service Award – 2014

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Republic of Chile

Craig K. Nakagawa

Craig K. Nakagawa, ’97

Public Service Award – 2007

Acting President


Dumas M. Siméus

Dumas M. Siméus, ’72

Public Service Award – 2003

Chairman and CEO

Siméus Foods International, Inc.

Jean Head Sisco

Jean Head Sisco, ’46

Public Service Award – 1997


Sisco Associates

Joanne C. Smith, M.D.

Joanne C. Smith, M.D., ’00

Public Service Award – 2008

President and CEO

Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

Richard Spillenkothen

Richard Spillenkothen, ’75

Public Service Award – 2001

Director of Banking Supervision and Regulation

Federal Reserve Board

Arthur R. Velasquez

Arthur R. Velasquez, ’67

Public Service Award – 2002

Chairman, President, and CEO

Azteca Foods, Inc.

David J. Vitale

David J. Vitale, ’76

Public Service Award – 2006

Chief Administrative Officer

Chicago Public Schools

Eric Weinheimer

Eric Weinheimer, ’94

Public Service Award – 2011

President and CEO

The Cara Program

Ernest R. Wish

Ernest R. Wish, ’71 (XP-29)

Public Service Award – 1999


WRM, Inc.

Kateryna Yushchenko

Kateryna Yushchenko, ’86

Public Service Award – 2005

First Lady


Disclaimer: The information presented in these biographical profiles was accurate in the year in which the award was granted.