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Michael Armstrong

Michael Armstrong, ’02

Young Alumni Award – 2012

Senior Vice President and General Manager

BET International and Paramount Channel

Clifford S. Asness

Clifford S. Asness, MBA ’91, PhD ’94

Young Alumni Award – 2007

Managing and Founding Principal

AQR Capital Management LLC

Pat Basu

Pat Basu, MBA ’05, MD ’05

Young Alumni Award – 2011

White House Fellow

US Government

Tao Huang

Tao Huang, ’99 (XP-68)

Young Alumni Award – 2004


Morningstar, Inc.

Amy Lehman

Amy Lehman, AB ’96, MBA ’05, MD ’05

Young Alumni Award – 2014

Founder and CEO

Lake Tanganyika Floating Health Clinic

Yanxiu “Matthew” Li

Yanxiu “Matthew” Li, ’91

Young Alumni Award – 2009

Founder, CEO and CIO

Fore Research Management LP

Kathryn Mikells

Kathryn Mikells, ’94

Young Alumni Award – 2010

Executive Vice President and CFO

UAL Corporation

Karen L. Parkhill

Karen L. Parkhill, ’92

Young Alumni Award – 2008

CFO, Commercial Bank

JP Morgan Chase and Company

Thomas S. Ricketts

Thomas S. Ricketts, AB ’88, MBA ’93

Young Alumni Award – 2005

Founder, Chairman, and CEO

InCapital, LLC

Julie A. Roehm

Julie A. Roehm, ’95

Young Alumni Award – 2006

SVP, Marketing Communications


Immanuel Thangaraj

Immanuel Thangaraj, AB ’92, MBA ’93

Young Alumni Award – 2003

Managing Director

Essex Woodlands Health Ventures

Disclaimer: The information presented in these biographical profiles was accurate in the year in which the award was granted.