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Chicago Booth is a pre-eminent global business research and education institution, known for having the highest quality faculty researchers and attracting the brightest students and most promising business leaders.

These core assets of faculty intellectual capital and student talent are resources that are available for companies to support and utilize in ways that benefit their businesses. Chicago Booth relies on the support of corporate partners to continuously improve its education programs and offerings.

Companies can invest in the following key areas in order to: attract top talent, gain brand visibility, access cutting-edge ideas, and expand business networks:

  • Research and Learning Centers offer a host of resources, including research, conferences, networks, and programs across multiple industries
  • Faculty and Research produce groundbreaking theories that revolutionize business practice and reform public policy
  • Students form an unprecedented talent pool for companies

We invite you to join our esteemed group of Corporate and Foundation Investors, who have so generously supported the School in the past year.

For more information, please contact Kimberly Williams, senior associate director corporate relations.